Area-Z is a top-down survival game from a studio of Krafton, currently available as early access

Fight zombies and restore humanity in the upcoming survival apocalyptic game

Area-Z, a zombie survival game developed by Rising Wings, a South Korea based game developing company, is now available as an early access title for Android. Rising Wings is a studio under the umbrella of Krafton, the creator of PUBG Mobile. The official release date of the game is not known yet.

Fight zombies in New York City in 2031

Area Z game is set in 2031 New York City, where the world has been infected with an unknown virus that is turning people into zombies. The last survivors are trying to find a cure for the virus and rebuild the world. The private military companies and mercenaries will try to kill the infected at all costs. Players have to fight them too. 

Area-Z: Gameplay Overview 

Area-Z is a thriller shooting and defense game with different modes including Survival, Defense, and Domination. Players can grab loot containing survival items during combat. They can even use the looted weapons to play different battles. Players will have to battle huge, unending zombie waves in between the combats. Unlimited mode allows them to compete with players on a global level.

Area-Z early access
Area-Z gameplay

Each weapon has a different attack power, speed, amount of magazines, etc and the gameplay depends on the weapon selected.  Players can acquire new skills via the exploration of carts. These carts include pistols, turrets, thorn traps, etc.

Area-Z is indeed a wholesome game with shoot, survival, thrill, fantastic gameplay, and much more. Interested players using Android devices can download the early access version of Area-Z from Google Play Store. Apple users will have to wait a little longer to experience the game since the game is not out on iOS yet.

Are you excited to play Area-Z, which is currently in early access? Let us know in the comments section below!

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