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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1st Anniversary Leaks: Royal pass, skins, and more

So many rewards to claim!

PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 4th anniversary, while the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, which is Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), will have its first anniversary. With the upcoming milestone, the game has prepared some events, in-game items, guns, skins, and a new royal pass for its players. Since the game is still a couple of months away from reaching the milestone, it will probably go with a beta update first before introducing the real one. However, let’s look at what BGMI might prepare for its fans. The skins, outfits, and everything related to BGMI’s first anniversary are based on leaks from trusted sources. The in-game items might be different to a little extent.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: Lobby

BGMI first anniversary leaks
Image via KRAFTON

When any specific events are introduced in the game, the first thing in the game changes in the lobby. Players are provided with an extra option to choose a lobby other than the default one. BGMI will also introduce one. However, as the game is different from the global version and it’s been only a year of its release, the new lobby will have a celebration-themed image showing “1st anniversary”.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: Companions

The leaks show three new companions are going to be introduced. They are Kitten, Shiba Inu, and Evangelion. From what we understand by its name, the first one is going to be a kind of cat bread. But the next two are surprising as Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency. But the game might not feature that it will be a dog. Shiba Inu is a hunting dog, to be precise.

BGMI first anniversary leaks
Image via KRAFTON

And lastly, from what we understand generally, Evangelion will be something from or more like from Japanese mecha anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, released in 1991. The game might introduce some hero companions as the game’s character companions.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: Gun skins

Titanium Shark- Kar98k

BGMI first anniversary leaks kar98k
Image via KRAFTON

The first gun featured in the leak is “Titanium Shark- Kar98k”. The shining sniper will be made of titanium, as its name says, with a water spray gun sort of theme. This gun will be an upgradable one to level 8.


BGMI first anniversary Groza
Image via KRAFTON

There will be new Groza skin in the game when the update arrives. Upgradable to level 5, it is simple looking with some paintings on its stock. But the highest form is much more colorful than the level 1 skin.


BGMI first anniversary AKM
Image via KRAFTON

The new AKM skin will be based on a scarecrow theme. A bit off-white with a simple design. Two or three screws are on the stock, making the barrel look gorgeous. This one will also support an upgrade to level 5.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: Avatar frames

BGMI first anniversary leaks
Image via KRAFTON

The game will introduce plenty of avatar frames. These cool-looking frames will be available through various events, as the leak shows that all of them are collected from special events. However, the frames are worth to show-off a bit.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: New songs

Most probably, the game will introduce four new songs. Two will collaborate, and the rest two are highly likely to be KRAFTON’s homemade. Ready to Battle and the First Survivor will be from KRAFTON’s kitchen.

BGMI first anniversary leaks
Image via KRAFTON

BGMI will likely collaborate with Russian singer Klava Koka to introduce “May the fittest survive”. A new song will also be introduced in another collaboration with Iraqi singer Saif Nabeel.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: New outfits

BGMI first anniversary leaks
Image via KRAFTON

A lot of outfits will break into the game with the new update of the anniversary. The name of these outfits are unknown, but most of them look amazing. The outfits will be achievable by several events, lucky spins, and other ways.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: Lucky crate rewards

BGMI first anniversary lucky crate
Image via KRAFTON

BGMI’s upcoming lucky crate will feature a lot of outfits as well. Besides, it will provide gun skins, item skins, bag skins, etc. Hazard Response Suit, City defender jacket, Diva Set, Time traveler backpack, Skull- pan, etc., will come to the game.

BGMI first anniversary leaks: Emotes

BGMI first anniversary
Image via KRAFTON

The first-anniversary leaks feature two emotes in BGMI. The game will introduce plenty more. However, the emotes are somewhat similar to PUBG Mobile’s previous emotes. We will be able to know more after they arrive in the future.

What are your thoughts on the BGMI first anniversary Leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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