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Bilibili Games Conference 2021 has showcased 12 new mobile games

Some really cool looking games are going to be released!

The Bilibili Games Conference 2021 has been held today, revealing the upcoming release of 12 new games for mobile! The list includes RPGs, MOBAs, competitive multiplayer games, and a lot more. The whole lineup looks really impressive, promising, and most importantly, fun and entertaining. Here is a list of the new titles which have been introduced during the conference.

Bilibili Games Conference 2021: 12 new games announced


Bilibili Games Conference 2021
E.T.E cover

In the near future, there will be a major conflict between humans and a particular tech company working against the interest of humans. This game is a Bishoujo/mecha Role Playing Game (RPG). For those who are unaware, Bishoujo is basically the opposite of the Otome genre of games. In the case of Bishoujo games, there will be a romantic buildup between the player’s male character and other female characters.


Bilibili Games Conference 2021
Nightingale cover

Next, we have very cool-looking Auto Battler games. These are the games where the strategic positioning stage players can be involved in, the game does the rest of the battle. Nightingale dips into a sci-fi world where “Alien Powers” does exist. The job is to take the girls over to the Nightingale Security Agency, finding out the cause behind the natural disaster.


Bilibili Games Conference 2021

RE: AETATIS is the next title that has been announced for MOBA fans. The game has that cyberpunk-ish futuristic look like most other games on this list. Graphically, the gameplay that has shown off at the conference looks really good. There seem to be special attacks, power-ups, and other elements that would make a MOBA game more fun and engaging.

Ys VIII Mobile

YS VIII Mobile cover

Developed and published by Nihon Falcon, the Ys series has been decently popular for a while now. Therefore, a mobile port is kind of a big deal and definitely something to look forward to. It is a mobile version of Ys VIII with the original story but better gameplay.

The World of Kungfu: Dragon and Eagle

Bilibili Games Conference 2021
The World of Kungfu cover

This game is set in the Song Dynasty of China and the pixel art style will take the player into the world of the ancient Wuxia martial arts. It looks like a neat game with some really cute visuals.

Flashlight Party

Flashlight Party cover

Escape rooms are cool, especially with friends. This game aims to bring the very experience to mobile devices. Flashlight Party is a multiplayer game where a player has to solve puzzles and get out of escape rooms.

Gemtrader Story: Ian’s Stone

Bilibili Games Conference 2021
Gemtrader Story Cover

A new title in the Gemtrader Series, Ian’s Stone is a turn-based RPG where a player heads off into an adventure and overcomes the challenges he faces.


Excalibur cover

This event has really showcased a large array of games. This is a strategy card game with 3D elements where players deal with the conflict between the Reality and the Dreamland dimensions.

Amazing Simulation Cultivator

Amazing Simulation Cultivator game

Not the catchiest of names, but Amazing Simulation Cultivator possesses the gameplay which revolves around Traditional Chinese Culture, making it fun. The game mixes the ancient and essential art of cultivation with magic and spiritual ascension.

 Code C

Bilibili Games Conference 2021
Code C cover

Set in the future, Code C is an Otome game involving romance. A lot of players might not be fans of that genre. Nevertheless, there are also people out there who enjoy romantic, calming, and story-based games. This one is for them.


Bilibili Games Conference 2021
THRUD cover

Yet another Bishoujo game, this game features air combat in a dystopian world. There is also a character collection. This game sounds pretty interesting although the Bishoujo part sounds a bit odd.

Hunters’ Moon

Bilibili Games Conference 2021
Hunter Moon cover

Hunters’ Moon is the final game announced which has been announced in the Bilibili Games conference 2021. This one has that dystopian setting along with rogue-like action RPG style. Additionally, there are several Lovecraft-style elements featuring fast-paced action. It has pretty good lore as well along with different weapons and playable characters.

Some titles might not get global releases

This was the complete list of games that have been announced at the Bilibili Games Conference 2021. A few things to be noted here are the fact that Bilibili is a China-exclusive service. Therefore, not all of these games might get global releases. Some of them might just be limited to China. However, one can pre-register for them on TapTap by simply searching them up in the app. Once the app has been released, players can buy them. This whole lineup has some really good and worth playing games.

To catch up with the Bilibili Games Conference 2021, one can check this link here. While these games do not have any official release dates yet, they’re most probably going to release within this year or sometime next year, one by one.

What are your takeaways from the Bilibili Games Conference 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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