Brawl Stars April 2021 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers, Game mode, Skins, and more

Time to go back to the West!

Brawl Stars just had its April 2021 Brawl Talk. Unlike the last Brawl Talk, this time Supercell revealed the Season 6 – The Gold Arm Game, 2 brand new brawlers, new game mode and most importantly, the departure of Ryan from the Brawl Stars team. So without further ado, let us take a look at the details.

Brawl Stars Season 6 – The Gold Arm Game

A new season is approaching and this time it is named ‘The Gold Arm Game’. With this theme, Brawl Stars aims to go back to its wild west roots.

New Brawlers – Belle and Squeak

Belle is the chromatic brawler of Brawl Stars Season 6. Originally she is an outlaw who likes to rob any banks available in front of her. She’s a sharp shooter and her projectile keeps bouncing among the enemies. For her special attack, she hits a special bullet. And after the bullet hits a target, the target will take extra damage for some shots.

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Brand new brawlers are joining the Brawl universe

Squeak is the other new brawler who is joining the Brawl Stars universe as a mythic rarity. He is one of the Colonel Ruffs’ star force trio. Evolved from the aliens, Squeak throws explosive toys on the enemies and the toys stick to the walls. The super of Squeak is a frag bomb. When the frag bomb is thrown on the map, it occupies a large area and explodes, dealing massive damage to the opponents.

Brawl Stars new game mode – Knockout

Knockout is going to be Season 6’s seasonal game mode. Players will try to eliminate the opponents in the matches where the best of three will be considered for the final results. However, the twist is, once a brawler is eliminated, it will not respawn and the team will have to play with the remaining brawlers.

brawl stars knockout game mode, brawl stars season 6 game mode
Knockout is the new season 6 game mode in Brawl Stars

New skins

Brawl Stars new update will bring in the following skins,

  • Belle Goldhand
  • Gunslinger Colt
  • Marshal Ruffs
  • Missfortune Tara
  • Amber De La Vega
  • Quickdraw Edgar
  • Saloon 8-Bit
  • Neko Bea
  • Archvillain Bea
  • Gold Neko Bea
  • Lantern Sandy
  • DIY Surge

What else?

Other than these awesome features, Brawl Stars April 2021 Brawl talk revealed new animated pins and fast-forward and rewind on replays. True gold and silver skins for Spike, Nita and Jean. Last but not the least, Duo Showdown will arrive in the Brawl Stars map maker.

What do you think about the features discussed in the Brawl Stars April 2021 Brawl Talk? How excited are you about the new Brawl Stars update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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