BRIXITY: Gameplay features, backstory, release date, and more

Rebuild Planet Earth in this city builder!

During their first Dev Now event this year, Devsisters announced the upcoming release of many updates for their games and newer titles. BRIXITY is one of the titles announced by Devsisters and is coming to mobile devices in the future. The trailer shows off quite a bit of exciting-looking gameplay footage. 


The game is set 500 years into the future when life on Earth has unfortunately perished as the ice caps melted away, volcanoes erupted, and meteorites rained down, leading to an extinction-level event. The planet’s occupants rushed to Mars to survive and set up a sustainable colony there with no other option.

However, with the help of a brand new piece of technology called BRIX (akin to building blocks and can revive life on the planet), the protagonist Cosmo will head back to Earth to start fixing up the planet ahead of the arrival of other humans. 

BRIXITY: Gameplay Overview

The core gameplay is about planning and building entire cities with the help of BRIX with a top-down view and then exploring the world and visiting other players in a third-person view. BRIX allows players to create spectacular builds as they wish. They can make rockets, houses, statues, and anything else as there’s no limit for creativity to show through. There’s even a special BRIX that players can collect and use. Due to the multiplayer feature, it is possible that the game could be going for a metaverse system.

Brixity, Brixity gameplay
Image via Devsisters

However, that’s not explicitly stated in the trailer or the game’s website. It is quite evident that there are social elements in the game as players can share their builds for others to like or download and use in their builds, and players can also explore the worlds created by others. 

There would be quite a bit of management involved, too, as players would have to gather resources to keep on building and keep their civilization running, assign jobs and housing to the citizens and carry out other similar tasks. The game seems to be somewhat similar to Minecraft in many ways regarding the building, but it looks and feels quite fresh. 

When will Brixity globally release

The game will be coming to both Android and iOS. There’s no specific release date yet; however, the cartoonish hosts in the trailer would be “seeing us in BRIXITY at the end of the year”, so the game will likely be released globally sometime this year itself. Players can sign up for the newsletter at the official BRIXITY website to stay updated on the game’s progress. It looks quite fun and would probably be a great addition to the game libraries of avid city builders.

Are you excited for the new Devsisters title BRIXITY? Let us know in the comments below!

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