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Call of Duty Mobile update brought Season 1, Multiplayer improvements and more

Activision is preparing for the global launch of Call of Duty Mobile. A few hours ago Call of Duty Mobile update arrived and this brought quite a good features that actually shows that the game is getting ready for the global launch. So, let us see what this new Call of Duty Mobile update has for the gamers. Although the game is only available for Australia, Canada and Peru for now, this new update is probably pushed to fix things up before the big day, that is October 1.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 is live now

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Season 1 of Call of Duty Mobile is starting now. Season 1 brings themed rewards for ranked multiplayer and Battle Royale. The new season introduces season pass or Battle Pass. It comes in two variants, Elite and Elite Plus. The battle pass will allow the players to increase their tiers faster to earn rewards, and complete extra daily/weekly missions to earn more experiences. We will come up with a detailed article on Call of Duty Mobile battle pass once the game launches globally.

Multiplayer enhancements

Call of Duty Mobile update brought practice mode for multiplayer battles. Players can brush up their skills with the AI soldiers. It will also help in getting the right settings for them.

Other improvements

Here is the complete list (from the official discord server) of other improvements that arrived with the Call of Duty Mobile update

Improvements and Optimizations

5. Ranked Mode

5.1 – No rank point penalty for joining a match in progress

5.2 – Optimized scoring in Battle Royale

5.3 – Improved Ranked matchmaking system

6. Multiplayer

6.1 – Improved scoring system in Domination

6.2 – Increased respawn Invincibility duration in Frontline

6.3 – Improved spawn location logic in Frontline

6.4 – Improved manning over some objects

6.5 – Added shadow quality option in Settings menu

6.6 – Optimized water surfaces

6.7 – Optimized lighting graphics

6.8 – Improved double tap to scope feature

6.9 – Improved firing experience of Assault Rifles and Automatic Sniper Rifles

6.10 – Improved 3D touch controls

6.11 – Improved abnormal jitter while firing

6.12 – Improved damage of Tempest Opuator Skill

6.13 – Improved fIrIng stability of Assault Rifles

6.14 – Improved fIrIng stability of the MSMC

6.15 – Slightly reduced hip fire performance

6.16 – Slightly reduced ADS speed and reload speed of the PDW-57

7. Battle Royale

7.1 – Improved the usabllltv of various zlp lines

7.2 – Improved loot distribution in tunnels

7.3 – Improved distribution of supptv boxes at the Farm

7.4 – Improved the flight path of the plane during spawn

7.5 – Adjusted aircraft speed allowing players to better strategize
7.6 – Optimized loadout interface for improved usability

7.7 – Visual markers removed after defeating bosses

7.8 – Improved abnormal jitter while firing

7.9 – Improved damage of AKS-74U and MSMC at close range

7.10 – Reduced damage of PDW-57 at close range

7.11 – Reduced scope speed of Arctic.50

7.12 – Improved effects of helicopter’s crash and explosion

7.13 – Improved view distance while in helicopter

7.14 – Optimized vehicle driving performance

7.15 – Improved availability of 7.62 and 5.56 ammunition

7.16 – Slightly reduced range of Ninja’s Grapple Gun

7.17 – Slightly increased charging time of Ninja’s Grapple Gun

7.18 – Slightly reduced the charging time of Clown’s abilities

7.19 – Optimized movement in third and first-person perspectives

7.20 – Improved landscape surrounding Nuketown

7.21 – Improved looting UI when upgrade is available

8. System and Client

8.1 – Improved performance in Battle Royale

8.2 -Improved resolution for low and medium devices

8.3 – Optimized game performance for low memory devices

8.4 – Improved refresh rates in Battle Royale for low memory devices

8.5 – Improved spectating user interface and user experience in Search and Destroy

8.6 – Added function to send messages to Team or All in matches

8.7 – Optimized tutorial experience

8.8 – Improved UI for mode and map selection

8.9 – Improved ability to remove loadout notifications

8.10 – Improved party invitation system in chat

8.11 – Added new tooltips throughout the game

Bug Fixes

9. Fixed jitter of gyroscope feature

10. Fixed issue where grenades could not be directed at a wall

11. Fixed an issue where DL Q33 would randomly ADS while firing

12. Fixed an issue with extreme recoil on M4LMG

13. Various other bug fixes

So what do you think about this update? Do let us know in the comments below!

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