Clash of Clans fans are upset over the low amount of medals from Raid Weekend

The latest mode is causing dissatisfaction among a lot of players

Capital Raids, that was introduced along with the Clan Capital in the recent Clash of Clans Spring 2022 Update, are massive confrontations in which you can pit your entire Clan against an opponent’s capital. Raids in Clan Capital occurs every weekend. The Raid Weekends begin every Friday and end on the following Monday. Your Clan will engage in epic fights to conquer as many Districts and Capitals as possible during Raid Weekends, collecting Capital Gold and Raid Medals as a result. However, recently, players have expressed displeasure with this reward system issue available in the Raid Weekend in Clash of Clans.

The Raid Weekend reward issue has caused a lot of grievances among Clash of Clans players

Players have recently expressed dissatisfaction with the reward scheme. After successfully completing a number of raids, many Clash of Clans players is complaining about receiving insufficient medals.

During the Raid weekend, they were attacked 27 times, according to Redditor Kevc 84, and they were defeated 25 times. He expected 1 Raid Medal and extra Capital Gold as a reward for each successful defense, which they did not receive. Many Redditors have also expressed dissatisfaction with the current incentive structure, claiming that they are not being compensated fairly.

Clash of Clans Raid Weekend reward issue
Image via Reddit

Supercell has responded to the situation

Soon many players around the world started talking about the issue on Reddit. The community manager at Supercell, for Clash of Clans, Darian_CoC took notice and assured on Reddit that “We’re aware of the feedback. I don’t have a confirmed list yet as it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the raid weekend ended. Once I have a proposed list I will share it.”

However, since Capital Raids is a new feature it is possible that it might take some time for the developers to make the rewarding system work properly. Whatever the issue is Supercell needs to fix it quickly before it upsets more players.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans Raid Weekend reward issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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Imagine if you were maxed out and were presented with these choices to spend your medals on? Ludicrous!

Walter JB

Just finished 2nd raid weekend. Received over 300 medals 1st time, which was disappointing. Now that 2nd raid weekend is more difficult and our clan still did rather well, we’ve received LESS than 300 medals each. From disappointing to utterly pathetic. Getting tired of the frequent “give Supercell a chance” argument.

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