Clash of Clans ‘Super Wall Breaker Spotlight’ June 2024 event: All you need to know

Break the Walls down!

The spotlight events in Supercell’s Clash of Clans might have been a regular occurrence for the past couple of months as we are slowly getting a lot of these events live. These events bring us to us the super troops in action, and in this June 2024 “Wild West” season, as part of the monthly events, we have the Super Wall Breaker in action. So, let me guide you with the Super Wall Breaker Spotlight event details in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Super Wall Breaker Spotlight June 2024 overview

Similar to all the other events, the CoC event brings players a lot of exciting updates and challenges. The spotlight events are not new, this year we have already had the Super Dragon Spotlight in the March 2024 season and the Rocket Balloon Spotlight in the April 2024 season. These in-game events help us to push resource collection with themed challenges offering a plethora of other in-game activities.

The Super Wall Breaker Spotlight event is spread out from June 11th to June 22nd, 2024. These are 10 days in which you can work your way down the event track to unlock several rewards, and I’ll be explaining what rewards you will get in the next parts of the articles.

Event Strategies

Once again we will be having an event building where players can claim ice cubes daily and access the event. Similar to accessing buildings from previous events, this one will also be located next to the traders’ shop. However, in contrast to earning ice cubes through specific building takedowns as in past events, they are now obtained by achieving stars in multiplayer battles.

Coming to rewards for the event, we will be collecting Wall Breaker medals to redeem and earn from the Trader’s shop alongside other resources such as the Hero Equipment introduced in the December 2023 update, we can get more of these featured in the event shop.

Once again, only the Super Wall Breaker will be part of this event, and no new or other exciting troops are going to be featured most likely. This might change anytime, so keep an eye on this space as I will update it once it is live.

Event Rewards

The reward will have Hero Equipment, which again we will be having in the reward tracked as given via the leaks. We have the decorations, all rarities of Ores, and other rewards to collect. If you are looking to get more of them, this event is a huge opportunity since you will be getting all three types of Ores, Starry, Glowy, and Shiny ores to collect and use.

Next, in the shop, we have other rewards on offer as well. Hero Equipment of Archer Queen is the go-to for 3100 event medals, it is great equipment for your queen. The Books are nice if you have collected enough medals, so keep track of them too.

While you are gearing up to get some amazing rewards, let us see what is happening in the world of Clash of Clans:

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