Clash Royale Season 60 ‘Goblin’s Gambit’ June 2024 Update and Balance Changes

Time for the Gobs!

A brand new season of Clash Royale excitement is here, and as expected we are going to get some interesting additions, although not any different apart from the usual Card Evolution update of Goblin Barrel. So, let me provide you with a glimpse of what Clash Royale Season 60 June 2024 Update has in store regarding new skins, emotes, rewards, and other additions.

Clash Royale Season 60 June 2024 Update Overview

New Card Evolution: Goblin Barrel

Well, most players would have enjoyed using Goblin Barrel, but now things will get more spicier. In the Clash Royale June 2024 update, the Goblin Barrel is the next to undergo Card Evolution. With this, it is introducing the Decoy Barrel ability.

Season 60 Goblin Barrel Evolution
Image via Supercell

This new feature throws a decoy barrel in the opposite lane when the Goblin Barrel is cast. The decoy contains Decoy Goblins, dealing damage similar to normal Goblins but with lower health. Players must identify between real and decoy barrels, and play their cards right. the Goblin Barrel becomes a more versatile card, offering new tactics for players to explore. The evolution requires 2 Cycles to activate.

New Tower Skins

Coming to cosmetics, in this update, again, we have only one new Tower Skin that has been officially confirmed that can be acquired through the Pass Royale. The season-themed Gold Goblin Tower skin is unlocked once players have reached Tier 48 of the Gold Tier in the Pass Royale. Recently, there has been a noticeable absence of new tower skins, but there’s hope for a special event that may introduce one. For now, let’s wait for the update.

Emotes and Banners

Once again, following the pattern of previous updates, three new emotes will be coming. These new emotes will be based on mixed themes, including the Goblin Barrel Evolution. Speaking of Banners, we will have 1 Banner for Diamond Pass Royale owners, 4 in the Banner Box, 1 as the season-themed Promotional Banner, and 1 from the Season Shop.

Season Shop, Card Boosts, and Offers

The Season Shop this season offers a generous array of rewards available for exchange with season tokens. In addition to the cards available, banners and emotes stand out as valuable investments. Just like last time, we will have eight cards available.

Among them are Goblin Gang, Electro Spirit, Rocket, Valkyrie, Goblin Barrel, and Bowler cards, each priced at 500 tokens for a set of 100 or 25 cards depending on the rarity. Additionally, The Log and Mother Witch cards are available, each costing 1500 tokens for a set of 1 card.

Clash Royale Evolution Shards guide
Image via Supercell

Card Evolution enthusiasts can find Ice Spirit Shards in the Season Shop. We have four cards picked for a boost this time, featuring Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Goblin Gang, and The Log with an Epic Book of Cards for 1000 tokens and Wild Shards for 6000 tokens. A Common Book of Cards is also available for 10000 Tokens.

Balance Update

No Balance Update has been out yet, but I feel this time we will be getting a few changes so keep an eye on this space.

That’s all for the season, folks! Get some Clash Royale info from the articles-

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