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COD Mobile: How to unlock and equip Reactor Core operator skill for free

The Reactor Core is a brand new piece of Operator Skill that has been introduced in COD Mobile Season 3 2022: Radical Raid update. Upon being used by a player, this operator skill lets players switch to a third-person perspective, which can have a wild advantage in a first-person shooter. This new tactical weapon is currently available in the new battle pass in Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 2022.

About the Reactor Core operator skill in COD Mobile

The Reactor Core deals fire/radiation damage to enemy players close to you. In the process, it will be ignoring cover and walls. The player using Reactor Core will also gain a defensive buff, reducing damage taken. However, using the reactor core for too long will begin to damage the user, quickly killing them.

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server
New Operator Skill Reactor Core in Call of Duty Mobile

Enemies that are damaged by the effect of the Reactor Core will have their maximum health reduced. This will be the amount of damage taken by the Reactor Core and are unable to heal to their normal total health. The health-reducing effect wears off after 15 seconds of not being affected by it, after which the afflicted can regain their normal total health.

However, your speed will be decreased while using this operator skill, but you will get a defense bonus. In addition to this, you should not use Reactor Core for more than three seconds, or else your HP will start decreasing.

How to unlock the Reactor Core in COD Mobile

The COD Mobile Season 3 2022 Battle Pass will include Reactor Core for free. To add it to your loadout, you must first reach level 14 in the Battle Pass, which you can do by completing missions, challenges, and games and earning Battle Pass XP.

However, if you want to spend money, you can buy premium Battle Pass tiers to reach level 14. Otherwise, playing in different modes, capturing objectives, leveling up guns, and much more will grant XP towards leveling up the Battle Pass.

Have you unlocked the Reactor Core Operator Skill in COD Mobile yet? Drop in your opinions about the weapon in the comments section below!

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