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COD Mobile Season 4 2022 Wild Dogs update: New map, modes and more

There’s a storm on the horizon, and it’s your job to head straight into it!

Season 4 2022, which has been named Wild Dogs will arrive on April 28 at 5:30 am IST, bringing brand-new combat to COD Mobile. Mother Nature is the new adversary in Sandstorm, a new Battle Royale mode in which only the most ferocious dogs can survive the storm. The battle in Call of Duty Mobile now moves to the desert, where the elements become their own challenge to overcome.

With the arrival of 12v12 Ground War, deploy to Satellite and Khandor Hideout, join in the vehicular battle, and head straight for the eye of the sandstorm for high-tier loot reserved for the most resilient Operators. So without further ado, let’s go over the details to look forward to with this major update.

COD Mobile Season 4 2022: Battle Pass

During Season 4 2022, players will have the opportunity to earn 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards. The Wild Dogs update includes a fresh supply of free and premium content, including new operators such as Farah – Desert Sentinel and Ghost- Apparition, the new functional weapon – the Koshka, a new scorestreak, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points (CP), and more launching throughout the season.

COD Mobile Season 4 2022
COD Mobile Season 4 2022 Battle Pass overview (Image via Activision)

The new Battle Pass will be available from April 28th, 2022  at 8 AM PDT (tentative) alongside the rest of the update. This battle pass, just like the previous battle passes will consist of four epic characters and some epic weapons.

Premium Battle Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass to unlock all of the content in the Wild Dogs stream, including tough Operators like Farah – Desert Sentinel, Ghost – Apparition, Roze – Sand Dune, and Roach, who makes a return appearance. Equip new Weapon Blueprints including the AS VAL – Heat Shield, Swordfish – Arid Shroud, QXR – Sandpike, and Koshka – Skiff Shot, which are all extremely styled.

Free Battle Pass Tiers

At Tier 14, players will get the Contact Grenade. Unlock the new Koshka functional weapon at Tier 21, a strong bolt-action sniper rifle that can be fashioned into a fast-handling, mobile configuration, a highly stable and devastating kit, and everything in between through Gunsmith. A selection of camos from the seasonally-themed Green Rust and Sand Tracks camo series are also available as freebies.

New Sniper weapon: Koshka

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server
Koshka weapon in Call of Duty Mobile

With a faster aim down sight time and firing rate than the Rytec AMR, there is no denying that the one-shot kill Koshka is the Ultimate Sniper Rifle for enthusiasts. While the Rytec AMR may boast the highest amount of damage among the Sniper Rifles, it does suffer from a very slow aim-down sight time and rate of fire.

New Lethal Weapon: Contact Grenade

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server
Contact Grenade in Call of Duty Mobile

The new lethal weapon named Contact Grenade will be available in the COD Mobile Season 4 2022. This is a grenade that explodes immediately upon contact with any surface.

New Seasonal Challenges in COD Mobile Season 4 2022 update

Complete new Seasonal Challenges for your chance to earn rewards like new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and up to 30,000 Battle Pass XP. These challenges range from flanking melee eliminations to some Ranked objectives that will test even the most competitive players.

Check back each week of Season Four starting on April 28th, 2022 for a new challenge. There are some high-quality rewards to be earned here, such as the Kali Sticks, the Mil-Sim – Special Warfare – Crash Down skin, and the Epic RUS-79U – Vapor Painter SMG.

Multiplayer updates in COD Mobile Season 4 2022

New maps: Satellite and Khandor Hideout

The Satellite map can be separated into 2 parts: the desert and the crags. The desert dunes are open with lanes covered by the dunes themselves making corridors that players can go through. The crags feature caves and are winding, making them perfect for close combat situations.

COD Mobile Satellite Map
Image via Activision

Satellite’s battlefield is a bit special as players can choose which battlefield they can exploit to get to the other team. The dunes are open and anyone traveling them can find themselves within enemy sniper sights. On the other hand, the crags can be claustrophobic and enemies can pop out from anywhere.

Satellite is different from the other Multiplayer maps in COD Mobile. It will become one of the largest maps on its release into the game after maps like Miami Strike or Hacienda. In the public test build, there were three vehicles on the map: SUVs, bikes, and tanks. The SUVs have a machine gun fitted on top and can be used to take down enemies while making quick rotations.

Another addition to the maps is Khandor Hideout. The map takes place at a town in Khandor which was turned into a hideout for Al-Qatala after they drove out the residents living there.

COD Mobile Khandor Hideout map
Image via Activision

Surrounding the lab that is the central focus of the town includes a garage, the field containing a signal tower, a market area next to a house and a second house turned lookout located next to the security checkpoint gate. Here are the 13 distinct zones that this map contains:

  • Arch – Coalition Spawn
  • Backlot
  • Residence
  • Garage
  • Delivery
  • Market
  • Armor
  • Lab
  • Field
  • Recycle
  • Lookout
  • Radio
  • Security – Allegiance Spawn

New Mode: 12v12 Ground War

Prepare for 12v12 clashes on Satellite and Aniyah Incursion, which will feature vehicles and several capture locations that your squad will need to occupy in order to score points. To get your forces to the battle, use motorbikes, antelopes, ATVs, and tanks. There are six capture points in total, with the winning team being the first to reach 300 points. Capture all six and you’ll be rewarded with a victory screen.

Battle Royale updates in COD Mobile Season 4 2022

New Mode: Sandstorms Incoming

Sandstorms will appear at random throughout Season 4 of Battle Royale, forming a sand wall on the horizon. Operators who are willing to brave the weather will find a higher occurrence of unique items like thermal sights and high-Tier loot within but beware of dust devils, which will knock players away if they got too close. Also, keep a lookout for the new throwable turbulence generator, which produces a continuous stream of turbulent wind. Use this to your advantage both within and outside of the sandstorm.

New Themed Event: Sandstorm’s Eye

Analyze the mission map and fulfill tasks to progress via different nodes while collecting prizes. Key nodes like the Observation Tower, Great Bridge, and Logistics Station offer the biggest rewards when completed because they are located on a vantage point.

COD Mobile Season 4 2022
New themed event is coming in COD Mobile Season 4 2022 (Image via Activision)

Look for daily missions that will bring you into the midst of the sandstorm in exchange for a large XP reward. Top the event leaderboard to earn extra gifts like the Otter – Sand Drift Operator sniper rifle and the Locus – Side Swindler sniper rifle.

Tournament Mode: Warm Up for Stage 2 and be rewarded

COD Mobile Season 4 2022
Tournament mode in COD Mobile Season 4 2022 (Image via Activision)

Do you and the squad need some practice before heading to Ranked Play and taking a shot at World Championship glory? Want a good introduction to the ranked environment? The new Multiplayer Tournament mode in Season 4 features a rolling leaderboard and rewards for elite Call of Duty: Mobile players. Find the “Tournament” button on the main Multiplayer lobby and compete to earn the Epic DL Q33 – Red Sprite and Shadow Blade – Red Sprite!

COD Mobile Season 4 2022: Improvements and Optimizations

Weapon Mastery Adjustment

  • A player’s weapons mastery will be capped at 5000 points until the player advances to Legendary ranking.
  • Weapon mastery points will start to increase once the Legendary rank is achieved.

Balance Adjustment

Multiplayer and Battle Royale

  • Perk-Disable adjustment: Initially, the main design goal of Disable was to assist players in shooting fast-moving targets. However, the current dominance of Disable has significantly affected our combat rhythm.
  • Devs have reduced the effective part of Disable on the rifle and kept the effect of the perk on the machine gun.
  • Devs have also increased the effective parts of the perk on the marksman and sniper rifle to the whole body, hoping that the SR and MR, two-shotting enemies, can better cooperate with teammates in gameplay.
  • Devs have also reduced the impact of the Disable perk on players’ own movement speed, hoping it can better focus on support.

Effective Part Adjustment

  • Assault rifle: Whole Body -> Lower body
  • Sniper and Marksman Rifle: Lower Body -> Whole body

Effect Adjustment

  • Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced
  • ADS Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced

Kilo 141

As a mid-range rifle, the Kilo141’s stable handle, long-range, and damage to the head allow its TTK and control range to be overly prominent in the assault rifle.

Devs have lowered the head damage multiplier to increase the difficulty of aiming and shortened the range to make room for other weapons.

  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Reduced
  • Shooting Range: Reduced


In the past, Activision has significantly limited the shooting range and the spread of the PDW-57. However, with the many version updates, the TTK of the PDW-57 has lost its obvious advantages.

In this version, devs have extended the shooting range, optimized the spread, and improved the fault tolerance. PDW-57 has been an old friend for our many players, we truly hope to see the return of this gun on the battlefield.

  • Shooting Range: Adjusted
  • ADS Spread: Reduced
  • Damage Multiplier to the Leg and Hip: Increased


In recent versions, the machine gun’s ammo capacity advantage has been declining due to the changes in the assault rifles’ stability, range, and ammo capacity. This time, a small compensation is made for the ADS speed of the following LMG:

  • Scope Speed: Increased for S36, UL736, RPD, M4LMG, Chopper, Holger26, Hades and PKM


As the version updates, the RPD, representing the machine guns, has seemingly lost its advantage in its medium and long-range suppression ability. This time, devs will first increase the damage of the RPD at medium and long distance, and observe the effect.

  • Medium and Long Distance Damage: Increased

Chicom Enhanced

Chicom is currently difficult to control. Its small ammunition capacity leads to its low killing efficiency. This time, we increased its bullet capacity and adjusted the damage at medium and close range to improve fault tolerance. At the same time, the damage multiplier of hitting the head is increased, so that players who are proficient with this weapon can destroy enemies faster.

  • Default Magazine Capacity: Increased
  • 39-Round Magazine Capacity: Increased
  • 45-Round Magazine Capacity: Increased
  • Mid-Range Damage: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Head: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier to the Upper Arm: Increased


The unbalanced damage multiplier design of the M21 EBR makes a huge difference between the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. To bring it back to Multiplayer, devs have made the following adjustments. Increase in the damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms to ensure that the upper body can be killed with one shot at close range in Multiplayer mode.

Slightly reduced in mid-range damage, combined with the above adjustments, so that mid-range hit upper-body damage remains the same. However, the damage of hitting the lower body is reduced, and the requirements for control ability in the Battle Royale are improved.

  • Shooting Range: Adjusted
  • Base Damage: Adjusted
  • Damage Multiplier to the Upper Chest and Arm: Increased


As a powerful close-range secondary weapon, the current short effective range and excessive spread limit its performance in most combat environments.

Therefore, we have optimized shorty’s projectile dispersion to make it more stable in medium and short range damage when aiming accurately. We hope this weapon can become a reliable partner for snipers when encountering close range combat.


  • Weapon Switching Speed: Reduced
  • Reload Speed: Reduced
  • Sprint-to-Fire Speed: Reduced

Battle Royale

In the Battle Royale, the accuracy and damage of most weapons at medium and long distances are obviously insufficient, and the waist shot at close range is too accurate, which makes players always tend to fight at close range, making the rhythm relatively monotonous. Players can have more choices at different distances, so devs made a bold attempt and adjusted the value of the weapons as a whole.

  • Overall Enhancement: The switching speed of all firearms/throwables has been increased.
  • SMGs’ hip-fire accuracy has been reduced during continuous fire; it will gradually approach rifles during continuous fire.
  • Adjusted the calculation method of advanced attachments of hip-fire accuracy
  • Hip-fire accuracy bonus provided by advanced attachments will be calculated at the end.
  • Significantly reduces the duration of the effect of the Legendary-quality Hip-fire Attachment.


  • Damage Falloff Above 25m: Removed for AK117, AK-47, M4, BK57, LK24, KN-44, HBRa3, S36, UL736, RPD, CHOPPER, Holger 26, Hades, and AUG
  • Damage Falloff Above 20m: Removed for HVK-30 and DR-H


  • Minimum Damage: Increased

FR .556

  • Minimum Damage: Increased

PeaceKeeper MK2

  • Damage Falloff Beyond 25m: Removed
  • Minimum Damage: Increased


  • Damage Falloff Beyond 25m: Removed
  • Minimum Damage: Increased


  • Damage Falloff Beyond 25m: Removed
  • Damage in the First Range: Increased


  • Second Segment Range: Increased
  • Third Segment Damage Falloff: Removed


  • Damage Falloff: Removed
  • Damage: Increased


  • First-Range Damage: Increased


  • First Range: Decreased


  • Shooting Range: Reduced


  • Shooting Range: Reduced


  • Shooting Range: Reduced

Trap Master

  • Trap Master will no longer damage and slow its user.
  • Slowing Effect: Increased
  • Health Regeneration: Increased


  • The medic will have 2 charges after upgrading.
  • Health/Armor Regeneration: Increased
  • Charging Speed: Increased


  • Rewind will have 2 charges now.
  • Charging Speed: Greatly Increased
  • Lookback Time: Increased

Operator Skill

Munition Box

  • The score of picking up ammo for yourself and your teammates: Decreased
  • The amount of energy required by the Munition Box: Slightly Increased

Store Update: Golden Week, New Draws

Launching alongside Season 4, Golden Week brings the re-release of seven popular Crates, with one Crate re-released per day and each remaining in the Store for three days each at a discounted price.

New Draws are coming, too, that fit perfectly with Season 4’s desert theme. Participate for your chance to unlock Legendary Operator Skins like Phantom – Osiris, FTL – Marauder, Maxis – Dark Aether, and more. Get equipped with incredible new Blueprints such as a Legendary MX9, ICR-1, Cordlite, plus special designs for the new Kali Sticks and Koshka Sniper Rifle.

When will COD Mobile Season 4 2022 start

The new season has commenced on April 27th, 2022 and the battle pass season has begun on April 28th, 2022. We hope you enjoy season 4 2022 of Call of Duty Mobile!

We hope you find this COD Mobile Season 4 2022 about the Wild Dogs update article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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