Critical Ops is returning to India and multiple Southeast Asian countries this February

Critical Ops is coming back!

FPS Shooter game, Critical Ops is returning to multiple countries where it stopped its services last year, starting from 5th February. The list of countries included consists of Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The game’s social handle has confirmed the announcement.

Critical Ops is returning to India and multiple S.E. Asian Countries

The game had stopped its services and launched an updated version of the game named Critical Ops Reloaded for the region. Despite the game’s focus on 12 countries, it failed to gain enough popularity. Also, the game wasn’t even well-received from the players among these countries. Critical Ops Reloaded had its launch in October last year. After just 4 months of its release, NHN Corporation (the later publisher) has decided to withdraw themselves from this project.

What does it mean?

It implies that the developer of the game, Critical Force Entertainment Ltd will be taking over all the rights for distributing the game globally. Critical Ops will be available globally from 5th February while Critical Ops Reloaded will completely stop operating 6th March onwards.

critical ops returning
Critical Ops Reloaded will cease to exist

The developers have even revealed that the players from the later game will be able to migrate their accounts to the global version. Whereas players whose accounts were frozen after the game was taken off in these countries, will now be unfrozen. Accounts from both of the games will be merged into one which will be available to everyone.

What to expect?

Critical Ops was one of the first FPS games to arrive on phone before even the likes of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, etc. At the time of its launch, the game was highly popular and boosted 50 million downloads on the Android platform solely. So, if the game’s coming back, it’ll receive great competition from them. Critical Ops has also started its competitive scene Critical Ops Circuit lately to grow its base. The Circuit primarily focuses on the European and North & South-America region.

The continuation of Critical Ops in the Southeast Asian regions can prove to be a big thing for the game if the game can capitalize on its momentum. Especially after mobile games have started evolving by eSports, The company has also reportedly received an investment of $10 million for its future development. With so many things going on, it’ll be only the game’s approach to these regions that will decide its future. The game has planned some surprises for the players on 5th February. So, make sure to open the game on that day. Could this move by the company mean anything bigger for the game in near future? We will only find out in the upcoming days.

What is your opinion on Critical Ops returning to India and multiple South-East Asian countries?

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