Crossout Mobile introduces the Free Market feature in its latest update

Post-apocalyptic wasteland warriors can now hone their trading skills on the Market!

Crossout Mobile, a mobile online action game from Gaijin Entertainment, has received a big update 1.7.0. The Crossout Mobile update includes the Free Market feature, a new battle pass dedicated to the Ravager faction, and new parts and weapons for constructing post-apocalyptic armored vehicles.

Player actions will determine prices in the Crossout Mobile Free Market

The fundamental benefit of the Free Market is that prices are established dynamically based on supply and demand, in other words, the actions of the players. Popular items increase in price, whereas less popular items decrease in price.

This allows Wasteland warriors to get good deals on armored vehicles and even earn in-game currency by trading and taking advantage of market volatility. A comparable feature has long been there in Crossout for PC and consoles, and it has now been added to Crossout Mobile, a new game for iOS and Android.

The new Battle Pass brings rewards and parts for building vehicles

The new Battle Pass grants you access to 70 items, including guns and armored vehicle pieces. The legendary Pulse Rifle Adapter, for example, pierces even the hardest armor and allows owners to deploy laser turrets on the battlefield that detect and shoot the enemy automatically. There are also special cosmetic items among the awards that allow players to show their support for the ruthless Ravagers.

crossout mobile wars
Image via Gaijin Distribution

The Virion content pack, which includes an armored car based on the now legendary Contemplator cockpit and a pair of light guns, is also available now. The invisibility module Chameleon Mk2 will aid players in hiding from the enemy, and the Hermit wheels are fitted with a mechanism that momentarily takes control of opposing turrets. This design is ideal for hunting single targets at medium range and destroying them.

What are your thoughts about the new Free Market feature in Crossout Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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