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Crystal Hearts 2 has been announced for mobile devices in 2022

Join in the group of adventurers headed by Emil!

At the LINE Games Play Games 2021 (LPG 2021) announcement event held in South Korea, the release of Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension has been announced. The mobile RPG is set in Arkan and succeeds the series’ soft-colored, fairy-tale-like artworks. It will also be making the experience better with high-end 3D graphics. Alongside Crystal Hearts 2, the release of four other games has been announced, including the hack-and-slash RPG Undecember has also been announced during the LINE Games Play Games 2021 (LPG 2021) announcement.

About Crystal Hearts

Of those unaware, Crystal Hearts (2016) is a mobile RPG that is set in a fantasy world. One needs to play as a part of a group of adventurers headed by a young warrior, Emil. The team is set out with an objective to protect several mysterious crystals. Adding to the real-time combat, your character would be set against automatically the nearest enemy. Besides that, your character can also be set for a specific action. This ensures that the whole party will always be busy doing something, not being idle during these intense moments.

Crystal Hearts 2 announced
Emil has been leader of the group of adventurers in Crystal Hearts

The sequel is expected to adopt a style similar in the lines of its prequel Crystal Hearts, where the gameplay looks pretty quick and fast-paced. The gameplay in the trailer looks pretty smooth and clean and ensures a pretty good experience on mobile devices.

Set to release in mobile devices in 2022

Netmarble would be working on the development of Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension. It will be coming for mobile devices in 2022.

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