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Dark Hunter is a classic dark idle RPG, now available as an open beta on Android

Customize your build and character to its fullest in this dark-themed RPG!

Loongcheer Game begins the open beta test for a classic dark Idle RPG named Dark Hunter. The game will have more than 10 localizations and be published worldwide in English, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Experience a dark-style visual feast with simple controls in Dark Hunter

Players are treated to a visual feast by Dark Hunter to underline the grim mood. The blood river, the pile of skeletons, and the dark woodland are just a few of the horrifying features that the combat scene’s distinct themes adopt. Players’ attention will also be piqued by the sequential appearance of the well-designed weird monsters.

If players want to have fun in their spare time, Dark Hunter can be a great choice. To have fun, all they need to do is tap a simple button. Since there is no energy cap, it doesn’t cost time or money to acquire energy, and players don’t have to wait until the combat is done to stop playing if they don’t want to. In a nutshell, players can play anywhere, at any time.

The game allows players to completely customize their builds

Players can select their character type when they first start the game from among Warrior, Witcher, Magician, Beastmaster, Necromancer, or Penitent Knight. Since each player is allowed ten characters, they can experience each class individually. The ability to customize attributes is possible thanks to various talents, suits, and gear.

Each character has unique abilities that are organized into a powerful skill tree. Activate the skills, level them up, then choose four of them to utilize in combat. Different decisions have an impact on how battles turn out and equip players with special abilities.

Dark Hunter Pentient Knight
Image via Loongcheer Game

Players can acquire thousands of items in the game, including hundreds of suits, and they will relish the satisfaction of frequently equipping stronger suits thanks to the abundance of rare drops you’ll encounter.

All of the equipment’s distinctiveness is brought by an inventive equipment system. To personalize the gear, use Smithy’s mosaic, forge, refine, repair, and recast functions. Additionally, there are more options and directions available while improving the equipment due to the abundance of gear qualities. Everyone has the potential to create equipment.

Enjoy beautiful and attractive gameplay in Dark Hunter

The core stages of the idle RPG Dark Hunter have simple gameplay: Cast skills, sweep all the enemies, and unlock additional NG. In the game, there are 5 NG, each with 10 maps. Even yet, there are a lot of surprises players can discover while playing: encounter bizarre-looking monsters, locate new map themes, activate magic entry and animation, and receive lucky items of high quality.

Players will face greater challenges when gaming with the addition of extra dungeons like Temple, Hero, and Royal Ruins. Players can join the open beta for Darl Hunter on Android.

Are you excited as Dark Hunter starts its open beta test for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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