eFootball 2024 Master League: Structure, Features, Release, and more

The most awaited game mode is yet to arrive

The Master League mode has been a staple of the PES series before being rebranded to eFootball in its early days and has evolved to include new features and gameplay elements. After eFootball was released, Master League was nowhere to be seen, and the game mode has disappeared for over two years now, and we have the 2024 season live.

So, it is in the curiosity of the players when the popular mode is going to make an entry, and how it will be on its comeback. So, in this article, we will aim to answer most of the queries surrounding Master League including the breakdown of its structure, release, and the features it might have on its arrival to eFootball 2024.

Master League in eFootball 2024

In Master League, players start by selecting a team to manage and then take charge of various aspects of the club, such as signing and selling players, developing their team tactics and strategy, and managing the team’s finances. Throughout the season, players compete in matches against other teams in their league, with the ultimate goal of winning the league title and other domestic and international trophies.

Structure of the Master League

The Master League employs a real-life football structure in the game, which allows the player to experience a scenario of being a manager of the club of his choice. Players can pick a club from any league around the world, and then chase the trophies.

eFootball 2024 My League cover
Image via KONAMI

For a closer comparison, you can take the recently added My League for example in eFootball 2024 introduced in version 3.2.0 Season 3 update. It is the closest to a League-like experience we have in the game, where you use your Dream Team to compete against AI teams in various leagues across the globe.

But in Master League, it will be somewhat of a realistic representation, with player growth and development done by you. Manager selection also includes real-life names. Team Management is similar to that of the Dream Team and allows players to have flexible formations. You can see the standings in your league, the latest news, and more items on the starting screen of the mode itself.

Master League structure
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Talking about the players, they will play roles designated by the player and can be signed or taken to your squad by loans as well. Throughout the course of the season, members of your team are also called up for international duty. Typically, only one or two nationalities at a time are called up, and they return to your squad after a week.

Features of the Master League

One of the best features of the mode is that, unlike FIFA Career Mode, the Master League never ends. Players can continuously play the Master League until they wish to retire, and by then they might even have formed a football dynasty of their own. Not to forget the amazing cutscenes on offer.

Master League features
Image via KONAMI

The best feature of the Master League is player management. Unlike the Dream Team mode, there are no special versions of a single player, but real-life replications, and the transfers of the players make it more engaging. Offline mode also ensures that there is no cheating and other illegal activities, and the difficulty adjustments can also be made accordingly.

Also, there is a Youth System that allows players to train their next generational talent. This also helps in tracking the players and their upgrades. Players can also train with their youth players by designating abilities and also focus on daily training sessions. However, eFootball 2024 might see some changes on this front.

When will the Master League release in eFootball 2024

On August 2021, the producer of the eFootball 2022 game, Seitaro Kimura, confirmed that the eFootball 2022 edition for mobile will feature Master League. However, a year and a half since the announcement, there are no signs of the popular mode arriving yet, let alone mobile.

However, things have been heading smoothly toward a release, as new updates might be coming with the popular game mode. A Twitter user had shared about the player roles and the demo cutscenes included in the game code, which further indicates a release might not be far, and can see a release this 2024, even though 2023 did not feature anything of note.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, Master League has become a popular feature among fans of the eFootball series, offering a deep and engaging experience that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the world of football management. The mode on arrival is expected to continue its previously known structure, with new features and improvements being added with each new release.

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What are your thoughts on the Master League release in eFootball 2024Do let us know in the comment section below!

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