Elvenar Naturally Amazing May 2022 event brings a new storyline and unique rewards

This Spring a Goblin is about to have an epiphany

During the Naturally Amazing May 2022 event in Elvenar, players can help the Flower Goblin create his flowering masterpiece by collecting Bronze Shovels from the 10th to the 1st of June.

The Flower Goblin Epiphany is a one-of-a-kind prize for participants that participate in the event. Culture, people, seeds, sentient products, and Ancient Knowledge all benefit from this flower-adorned structure.

Plenty of rewards up for grab in Elvenar Naturally Amazing May 2022 Event

As the Flower Goblin’s chores are completed, magical pollen drifts through the air of Elvenar, allowing players to discover new structures. The population and mana of the Primordial Gecko increase while it meditates. As they bounce around the garden collecting resources, the Tender Tag Team will help you increase your seed production.

Elvenar Naturally Amazing May 2022 Event
Image via InnoGames

The Soothing Pond, a haven for poets seeking solitude, will enrich the cultural landscape of your city. Many items from last year’s event will return, including the Bumblebee Stables, which allows players to recruit Drone Riders to help them with their missions. Many items from last year’s event will return, including the Bumblebee Stables, which allows players to hire Drone Riders to strengthen their Mercenary Squads.

There are six decorations to find, including five attractive flowers and a powerful garden stone, in addition to buildings and quests. Each item provides a magical benefit to the land while also adding to its beauty. Pro-gardeners can also obtain Tomes of Blissful Springs and Tomes of Blossoming Artifacts, which are required to access past Spring Evolving structures and the items required to improve them.

Extra rewards for the Royal Pass holders

The Hummingbird Temple awaits those who purchase the Royal Prize pass, bringing with it a significant population rise. There’s also a chance to find the arcane Ferris Wheel, which boosts productivity significantly.

The Naturally Amazing event and its numerous prizes (did we mention the SugarGlider avatar, which is a must-have for all gardening fans?) The shuffleboard is included, with rewards hidden among fairy seeds. Fairy seeds transform into enchanted blooms, leading players down the path to Grand and Royal prizes.

The Flower Goblin is ready to reward players who help him realize his floral dream, and he will be available in the mystical world of Elvenar starting on May 10th.

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