FIFA Mobile fixes the Manager Mode and promises to bring exciting events

The day just got better for FIFA Mobile fans!

The developers at EA Sports are going through tough times for the past month. They have been constantly facing backlash from FIFA Fans who have shown dissatisfaction with the Events that have launched in FIFA Mobile of late and against Cheaters. To top it up, the newly added Manager Mode was down and unavailable for play for the last month. However, the developers have assured fans in a tweet last night, stating that they have taken note of our comments regarding Manager Mode, Security, and Events, and FIFA Mobile is concentrating on making changes in these crucial areas.

While some improvements are already in motion and others will follow, others could require a longer-term strategy. EA has recently made an announcement made regarding Manager Mode, Security, and Events in the next segment.

Manager Mode is finally live in FIFA Mobile with a few caveats

Manager Mode wasn’t working for the past month. This was a source of disappointment for fans as some of the live events like Neon Nights required Manger Mode to run. Recently in a tweet, the developers made a couple of announcements regarding Manager Mode:

  • Assuring fans that the team is attempting to fix the mode in order to release it soon.
  • Live Events requiring Manager Mode no longer requires the same as they underwent modifications.

Following up on their previous tweet, the developers have made a huge announcement regarding Manager Mode. EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA Mobile has now fully enabled Manager Mode. Users will finally get to experience the fun of playing in the footsteps of the Manager after a month’s wait.

However, this good news has been perfectly balanced by another unpleasing news. The developers have run upon an issue in this quest to revive the Manager Mode. As a result Manager Mode Leaderboards will sadly be completely reset. So it would be like giving a fresh start to the Manager Mode as your progression data won’t be preserved. However, the team has announced that they will be duly compensating users with in-game rewards.

FIFA Mobile is enforcing bans and sanctions on players using unfair means

In last night’s tweet, the FIFA Mobile team confirmed that they are aware of the problem with cheating that exists right now in Division Rivals, League vs. League, and on the Leaderboards. To better deter users from cheating and catch those who do cheat before they have an adverse effect on the larger community, the team is constantly trying to enhance the anti-cheating technologies.

FIFA Mobile Accounts Banned
Image via Electronic Arts

They have claimed that the Security team is constantly striving to make FIFA Mobile a secure and fair place to play and have backed their claim with numbers, stating that they have sanctioned over 10,000 accounts in the previous 30 days.

However, they did not share any information regarding the anti-cheating steps/programs that they have taken up stating legal restrictions. We sincerely hope that we get a fair gameplay experience, especially in the Division Rivals where many cheaters have flocked in recently, and none of those cheats are spared.

EA aims to bring community-friendly Events in the future

The recent in-game events launched in FIFA Mobile including  Kickoff Rivalries, Neon Nights, and Hero Journeys, didn’t go well with fans as they have heaped criticism against them. For the most part, these Events have performed below the expectation bar that has been set in the past by FIFA Mobile.

FIFA Mobile Live Events
Image via Electronic Arts

In light of this situation, the developers said that they actively work to listen to feedback and make improvements in order to provide events that are welcoming to the community and are community-focused. So, we can hope that FIFA fans are gifted with better Events in the future.

The future of FIFA Mobile 2022 looks promising

After so many negatives over the past month, the Developers have finally started ticking the boxes. The way they followed up on their tweet in less than 24 hours and made the Manager Mode available for playing shows that they are finally starting to value the sentiments of FIFA fans. They have also announced that they are bringing in new and exciting in-game content soon. If they can live up to their words on enhancing the content and having zero tolerance against cheats, the future of our favorite soccer series certainly looks bright and promising.

How excited are you that FIFA Mobile announced the return of Manager Mode and will introduce new exciting events? Let us know in the comments below.

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