FIFA Mobile Korea introduces Authentic Challenge and other changes with its 2nd Anniversary update

Play as your favorite football club and its fully licensed roster!

Recently, in an online showcase celebrating the 2nd anniversary of FIFA Mobile Korea, a plethora of new additions and improvements were announced. Timo Mueller (Gameplay Produced of FIFA Mobile Korea) confirmed that the next Summer update to the game will include new features, improvements to the quality of gameplay, fixes to bugs, and a brand new game mode called Authentic Challenge.

FIFA Mobile Korea is a football simulation game launched specifically for residents in South Korea. Electronic Arts (EA) have partnered with famous Asian Publisher, NEXON, to present a version of FIFA Mobile which is disjointed from the Global version. The new Summer update is edging closer by the day and will have a bunch of new content to entertain fans of the franchise.

Introducing Authentic Challenge

Authentic Challenge will be an exciting new mode offering a different dynamic to how FIFA Mobile will be played. Rather than using their own squads, which has been the basic foundation up until now, players can pick from pre-set teams around the world and use them in matches/tournaments to earn rewards.

Image via Electronic Arts

This will be a chance to finally play with our favorite players without having to worry about overall and squad-building. It’s also a breath of fresh air – a way to enjoy the core gameplay of FIFA Mobile without any overpowered cards. According to Timo Mueller, the team wants to provide a more authentic gameplay experience to users by focusing on the official club rosters from around the world and utilizing EA Sport’s wide pool of licenses.

Image via Electronic Arts

So for this Summer 2022 update, the devs are introducing a brand new game mode in FIFA Mobile Korea called Authentic Challenge, where one can play and compete with teams of similar caliber. This mode will feature various events where the players can easily jump in and play without thinking about the preparation or progression of their own squad.

The Summer update brings new stadiums, filters, skill moves and more

In addition to the game mode, some new additions have also been announced. Filters will be introduced in certain menus to aid the finding of certain cards, to use for crafting for example. A few new skill moves and a setting to manually handle player switching will also be introduced.

There will also be improvements to the realism of the gameplay. New stadiums, enhanced sound effects, and fine-tunes to the shooting system are just some of the improvements that are on the way. In addition, the developers have also acknowledged some cheating mechanisms, such as time-wasting, and have prepared possible fixes for this as well.

Overall, there is a bunch of new content to be looking forward to, and it will be exciting to see how this new update will impact FIFA Mobile Korea. Fans of the Global version may be missing out on the fun now, but there is still hope. We have seen how in the past, features from the Asian versions of FIFA Mobile such as the market itself have eventually ported over to the Global edition. Perhaps we will see the new mode, Authentic Challenge, and other features, pop up in the game for players around the world to play?

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