FIFA Mobile shares its future plans and events for the upcoming months

Take a look at what's planned for the next months!

Amidst a lot of constant criticism from fans and players alike, EA announced the list of future events it has planned in FIFA Mobile for the upcoming months. With the odd market, a stagnant TOTY event that has been ongoing for months, players have taken their voice across social media to make their widespread discontent known.

EA in a recent blog post, has announced, they are aware of the ongoing concerns and frustrations of the community with the current state of the game. They have stated that the dev team is constantly working hard behind the scenes to improve the gameplay experience and have shared their updated plan for the upcoming months.

Changes in the current Market System

Players have been unhappy with the new market system since it was implemented at the start of the new season in the game’s beta. It became challenging when players discovered that the minimum values of the cards prevented them from selling their players on the market and that they did not drastically decline even after the events were over. Keeping these concerns in mind, EA has announced the upcoming changes in recent months.

1. Reducing minimum Price cap for 80-110 OVR Player Items

Instead of determining the minimum price based on OVR, the fixed minimum price will now primarily be based on purchase and sale orders. For instance, if demand dictates, the cost of a 110 OVR UTOTY Player may now hypothetically go below 60 million coins. As a result, there will be fewer postings for sale orders with 999 or more items, which should facilitate the selling of player items.

Even though this change can help the cause of numerous rants the players had about this system, it still does not guarantee whether the minimum pricing of the cards will fix the supply and demand of cards. There are many cards in the market with sale orders of 999 or higher, and this fix may not be sufficient to clear them.

2. Making UCL event Players non-auctionable

In the currently ongoing UEFA Champions League Event, many UCL Players are non-auctionable which means they won’t be offered on the Market. Now, players can use the non-auctionable UCL Players acquired from the Main Chapter and Reward Path on your team or use them in Exchanges for auctionable UCL Players or ICONs.

3. Introducing new Exchanges

Over the next months, EA will introduce more exchanges where players can trade different UCL Players for undesired and non-auctionable players. This will give the players a convenient way to get rid of Players that were otherwise difficult to sell in the current market.

Introducing new Main and Secondary Events

EA has announced two new main and several secondary events that will be released in the upcoming months. The devs are confident, these events will keep the game revitalized and the player base will be kept interested.

Image via Electronic Arts

Main Events

  • UEFA Champions League: The currently ongoing UCL event that is expected to last for 11 weeks
  • Top Secret

Secondary Events

Besides the Main Events, EA has planned to release shorter events and promos to keep the players engaged and add more players and resources to their inventory. These events will be shorter but are expected to release every two weeks for the next few months:

  • Future Stars: Store Pack only promo
  • Fantasy: Store Pack only promo
  • Heroes: Replaces Heroes 22 event
  • Flashback
  • What If
  • Record Breakers
  • Shape Shifters

Revamping the Division Rivals

In order to provide Division Rivals with more engaging content, EA has redesigned the progression and awards across VSA, H2H, and Manager mode. FIFA Mobile has introduced a brand new currency, ie, the Challenger Token. Challenger Tokens can be earned after every Division Rivals match and used for obtaining in-game resources such as Training Transfer Items and Players in the Store.

1. Match Rewards

Depending on the outcome of the match and your current rating, you will receive Challenger Tokens following each Division Rivals match. There is a daily cap of 15 total match awards per Division Rivals mode. Every match offers the chance to earn one additional prize item.

Image via Electronic Arts

Only if you don’t exceed the daily cap of 15 match awards will you be qualified for the additional reward. The extra reward could be one of the following: 100k Coins, 10k Coins, 102-104 OVR TOTW Player, 50 Training Transfer Items, or 98-101 OVR TOTY Nominee Player.

2. Promotion Rewards

When you advance to a new rank during a Division Rival season, you receive new awards as part of the Promotion Rewards.

3. End-of-Season Rewards

Rewards received at the conclusion of each Division Rivals season, which lasts four weeks, have been updated. According to your final rank, gifts are given out in 5 stages. The awards at the end of the season are the same in Manager Mode, H2H, and VSA. Players who rank high enough will also receive special logos based on their final leaderboard position in VSA and H2H.

  • Top 250
  • Top 100
  • Top 50

At the end of the season, you will additionally receive a Winner Trophy Token if you continue to retain the position of FIFA Champion I in VSA, H2H, or Manager Mode. In the new Store offers, 3x Winner Trophy Tokens can be exchanged for a 111 OVR player.

Return of Player of the Month (POTM)

FIFA Mobile POTM Challenge mode event guide cover
Image via Electronic Arts

The POTM is finally making a comeback on FIFA Mobile The Division Rivals award system will now gradually feature the top performers from the top leagues for the month in the near future. EA will update more details soon as the tournament makes a comeback.

Final Thoughts

Additionally, the devs have also confirmed that the current season of FIFA Mobile is far from being over! Yes, there’s actually a lot of seasonal content yet to arrive in the game, at least until EA Sports FC mobile release. EA has also announced that there will be a gradual increase in Player OVRs in the coming months as more and more events arrive.

However, they are yet to announce any positive update on the existing base events namely League Tour, Daily Training, and Icon Journey. With this announcement and the upcoming events, EA hopes to make FIFA Mobile an engaging experience for players once again in the near future. It is yet to be seen how the new events and market changes actually improve the game.

Are you excited about the new set of events and updates that EA announced for FIFA Mobile that is set to arrive in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!

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