Flash Party introduces its latest playable hero, Foxx in the game

Deadly with a scalpel, and marking enemies for death!

As Season 9 of Flash Party, The Wheel of Destiny, gets underway, creator XD Games introduces Foxx as the newest playable hero to join the vibrant cast! This scalpel-wielding fighter, who can now be unlocked in-game, is a powerful assaulter with the ability to perform lethal hits at close range and has a few ghostly tricks under his phantom sleeve.

Pick Foxx and utilize his unique scalpels combos to outperform enemies in Flash Party

Fans of Flash Party who like close-quarters action over anything else should consider Foxx. Foxx, the 22nd hero in Flash Party, uses the special combinations his scalpels can produce to deal a ton of damage to his enemies. First, he uses his blue scalpel to neutrally attack his opponents by leaving a “Soul Mark” on them.

Foxx can unleash deadly follow-up assaults with his crimson scalpel. He can even set off the ‘Soul Mark’ to produce an additional explosion. A deadly two-pronged, or more accurately scalpeled, strike that will provide gamers a crucial advantage over their enemies in combat. Foxx can take the initiative and other players on the battlefield after wearing Colorful Stickers since his talents will get even greater combo abilities and his huge hand will enhance greatly.

Flash Party Foxx
Image via Devsisters

Foxx’s hands-on strategy will take Flash Party by storm. It is ideal for grabs, counterattacks, or simply getting close to deliver the killing blow. His ultimate ally is the phantom hand, and his weapon of victory is the scalpel. The unquenchable soul fire under Foxx’s eye patch will elicit yells and ovations from everyone at the Flash Party.

Flash Party brings a new legendary skin for Alice along with Foxx

Foxx is not the only newcomer to Flash Party that is appreciated. As the temperature rises, Alice donned her gardening attire and is eager to visit Metropolis’ most well-liked outside location to grow flowers or play in the mud.

A new collection of skins called Vernal Ode will also be released in-game today, featuring the Legendary Alice skin The Little Gardener, and the new hero Foxx skin Primavera Painter. Interested players can visit the official Flash Party TwitterFacebook, and Discord for more information about the game.

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