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Fortnite Zero Build is a new permanent game mode that removes building completely from the game

A new way to play the game!

A few days ago, Epic Games added a new game mode called ‘Zero Build’ to Fortnite, removing building and adding sprinting and mantling, which are new ways to move around. It was rumoured before after a Tweet from Hypex resurfaced before, saying that Epic Games are working on it. This brought many new players to the game and old ones who had gotten tired of seasoned pros who would create an instant cover, making large structures in the process and then take them out.

Jump from the Battle Bus into a build free match

The Zero Build mode is a permanent mode, meaning that players can hop into the game any time to enjoy a match without having to build or fight those who do. Zero Build can be found in-game on the Discover page for Solo, Duo, Trios, and Squads. Overshield, Ascenders, Mantling and Sprinting will be the new features that supplement this shift to a more combat-based and tactical battle royale experience. 

Zero build Mode
Image via Epic Games

Many people, especially mobile gamers, have avoided Fortnite because it has crossplay, which means they have to go up against controller, keyboard and mouse users who have the upper hand at building. Games like COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile don’t have a building, so players have to think more tactically since they can’t just start building up. So far, Fortnite hasn’t exposed its players to that risk, and direct gunfights are less common. 

The game might be coming to iOS devices via Nvidia GeForce Now

That being said, now’s a great time to get into the classic battle royale game finally. Unfortunately, the game is still not available for iOS players. Players need to download the APK for the Epic Games Mobile Store and then get Fortnite from there. Although, it might be coming to Apple devices in the future through Nvidia GeForce Now.

What are your thoughts on the new Zero Build mode in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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