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Free Fire Dynamic Duo: All you need to know

Free Fire just released the OB26 Update Patch on February 4th, 2021. The update was one of the much-anticipated events of the year, so far. With its release, the players will now get to experience a lot of unprecedented features within this game. One of those exciting features which Free Fire is the Dynamic Duo. Today, in this article we will find out more about this upcoming feature that will arrive on February 9th, 2021.

Make your buddy with Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo will serve to be really fruitful to those who have a few close friends with whom they can play hours on end. It’s basically a special form of an in-game bond you can strike with your friend. To form that partnership, first, you’ll have to buy The Golden Vow from the in-game store. Your partner will have a time period of 8 hours to accept/decline your request to form the ‘Dynamic Duo’. Post that, if kept unchecked, the request will get rejected automatically. Your ‘Golden Vow’ will be returned to you. You’ll only be able to send a single invitation and not multiple invitations to all of your friends. So, make sure you decide whom to choose after thoughtful consideration.

Free Fire Dynamic Duo

There will be various factors that can help you choose the best candidate to become your partner in the ‘Dynamic Duo’. Some of those factors include:

  • Active Time (the time of the day when they are available to play the most)
  • Mode of Preference (the sort of modes they play the most: casual or classic/ranked)
  • Gender (helps you identity to look for your preferred gender when forming the ‘Dynamic Duo’)
  • Language (One can select their preferred mode of communication in the voice chat)

It’s expected that these criteria will only required in case you don’t already know much about your prospective ‘Dynamic Duo’ partner. Hence, it’s better to go with someone who you have been playing with some time, now.

Perks of the ‘Dynamic Duo’

Free Fire Dynamic Duo

This new system of forming a special partnership with one other player is, of course, going to be very rewarding in the long run. The perks include task completion rewards, Birthday Day and Anniversary Specials beside other special rewards. All these rewards will be based on the amount of time you spend together playing. You and your partner will also unlock the Friendship Level and Friendship Badges. These options will make your tasks together as the ‘Dynamic Duo’ grind worthy. As your ‘Friendship Level’ increases, so will your ‘Friendship Badges‘ which will ultimately unlock the special rewards. Apart from all this, ‘Dynamic Duo’ players will sport a special badge each which can be seen by other teammates during a squad mode game. Though, it’s up to them whether they want to keep their partnership private or public.

How to terminate the ‘Dynamic Duo’ bond in Free Fire?

As the new system of forming bonds arrive, it’ll only become valid if certain players feel like getting out of this partnership post accepting ‘The Golden Vow’. Considering all that, Free Fire has already laid out a few conditions that can help you cancel the bond and try again later forming a different ‘Dynamic Duo’.

Free Fire Dynamic Duo

First of all, it’ll be impossible to get out of a ‘Dynamic Duo’ bond within the first 24 hours. However, after that, you can navigate to the ‘Dynamic Duo’ page and put up a request to dissolve the bond. The ‘Dynamic Duo’ will be disbanded if your partner accepts or doesn’t respond within 48 hours. Though, if the appeal of the termination of the bond is rejected by your partner, you can try posting one again after the next 48 hours. This time the bond will be forcibly dissolved. Both you and your ex-partner will lose all the Friendship Points and ‘The Golden Vow’ will not be returned.

Free Fire Dynamic Duo

There’s one another method that can lead to the cancellation of the ‘Dynamic Duo’ bond without having to do anything much. All you’ll have to do is straight up delete that friend from your Friends List. This will directly terminate the current bond.


This is an unprecedented feature which Free Fire is going to bring out soon. So far, the sentiment is one that of excitement filled with a sense of pride in your prospective partner. Players are very eager to try out this new feature!

With this feature, the game is trying its best to create an emotional bond with its player base. Hopefully, this feature lives up to the expectations and heightens up the user experience of using this brand new interface and a way of playing this game.

How did you like Free Fire’s new feature of Dynamic Duo? Drop your opinion in the comments!

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