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Free Fire December 2019 Update: Everything in a nutshell

Free Fire December 2019 update is just around the corner. The player base of the game is excited about the new features and additions that will be coming to the game. A brand new map, two new characters and a bunch of new features are going to be added in the December update of Free Fire.

Now, let us look into what makes this upcoming update a highly anticipated one.

1. Introduction of a brand new map: Kalahari Desert

The December update is going to feature a new map in the game. The developers have taken into consideration the feedback and requests of the players for the new Kalahari Desert map. They have brought about movement improvisations in the map which will support the players to adapt rush gameplay. However, the other maps Bermuda and Purgatory do not support the rush gameplay to an extent which this map will.

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Players who do not prefer to rush and play campaign style may not be able to spot their preferred locations right away. Though, the ones they do find out will definitely serve up to be the most lethal of vantage points when using silencers and 4x/thermal scopes around such locations.

2. Training Island is arriving

A training Island for the players will be available in the Free Fire December 2019 update. This will help players to hone their firearm skills. Players can practice with weapons of their choice and edge forward towards becoming the ultimate elite.

Players of the game, whenever any new gun or gun skin is equipped, will be able to get the hang of it without having to try the gun out in the lobby or in a match itself, first.

3. Two new characters and a pet

The Free Fire December 2019 update is going to bring in not just one but two new characters in the game. Angela and Alvaro are going to be introduced in the game with the new update. The developers have finally decided to bring in more female characters to the game.

free fire december 2019 update
Source – Official Free Fire BR Twitter

1. Notora

A Biker and an expert healer, Notora can heal herself while she’s on her bike. The bike does not need to be moving to heal, she can heal even if the bike is just stationary. Her special ability is named as ‘Racer’s Blessing’.

2. Alvaro

Increased damage (or increase in the area of effective damage) dealt by explosives. Basically, this talks about landmines, grenades and shooting down those nasty oil barrels. In a way, this skill can, perhaps, become a counter to Robo’s skill when engaged in close quarters.

New Pet – Robo

A new pet named ‘Robo’ is also coming to the lands of Free Fire. Robo, when equipped, will increase the strength of gloo walls. This feature will complement the players in the game by increasing the strength of the gloo walls. Players would definitely desire this feature during the last few circles or when they are engaged in intense combats.

4. Fourth character skill slot

The Free Fire December 2019 update is going to allow players to have a fourth character skill slot in their game. With the plethora of character abilities now available, Garena finally decided to roll down a fourth character skill with this update.

We recommend you to save gold in the game to unlock the fourth character skill slot. Players can also gather those level 8/6/4 character upgrade cards via events (when offered) to use them on the skill that they would like to have in their fourth skill slot.

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Speculation – Pet skill slot

Lastly, we are predicting that a new Pet skill slot will also be introduced in the game along with other features of the Free Fire December 2019 update. Although this has not been officially announced for this update, we are expecting it to feature in the December update itself but nothing can be said with complete credibility at this point. Though, the developers had laid down a hint that if you have the shiba pet you’re in for a surprise.

Are you excited for the Free Fire December 2019 update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading the article, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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