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Free Fire: Garena announces major Ping Alto improvements in the upcoming OB38 update

On January 11, 2023, the next Free Fire update – OB38 is set to arrive. In addition to new features, it will also bring a number of adjustments and improvements pertaining to Ping Alto and the start time of Garena Free Fire.

Garena spoke with Free Fire gamers across the world and found a number of issues with the title. The servers have been improved, and the time it takes to check in and start a match has been cut in half, among the major changes.

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As a result, the Free Fire development team discovered that the lengthy loading time is primarily caused by the simultaneous loading of a large amount of content, including various notifications, banners, pop-ups, and other information.

Garena also made the decision to use Duo Network Connection to detect which of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connections is more reliable and switch to that network in order to address the issue of high ping and latency in Free Fire. Also, players will be able to access the full note from the Free Fire developers about the game’s loading and high ping problems.

Garena announced the solutions for high ping and delays in loading Free Fire

Garena has handed out a series of optimizations to improve your gaming experience. Free Fire has a strong foundation of accessibility, but as Garena has focused more on adding new content, many of you have had more trouble running the game itself. Over the next few months, Garena will be looking to address some of Free Fire’s biggest issues, including basic navigation and lag.

Free-Fire-Bomb-Squad-Cover Free Fire Ping Alto improvements
Image via Garena

Simplified in-game interactions

While conducting interviews with Free Fire gamers, we discovered that some devices required more than five minutes for the game to launch. The developer team tested Free Fire on the most popular devices and discovered that the lengthy loading time was primarily caused by loading a lot of content at once, including various notifications, pop-ups, and other information.

Login and Lobby Optimizations

  • The Login time has been reduced and automatic login has been added
  • Fewer popups
  • The time between arriving at the departure island and getting on the plane has been shortened.
  • Faster loading of friends list.

More fluid interfaces:

  • The. Including mode selection, team lobby, game results, inventory, events, mail and missions.

Lag Optimization:

  • The Decreased lag in matches.
  • Decreased delays on the match results page.

Damage and Teleportation Bugs

The development team has worked very hard over the previous two years to find and address bug damage concerns, such as mid-range shotguns and hidden walls from 40 meters away. High ping, according to Garena, is frequently the primary problem, giving players the erroneous sense that their computer is malfunctioning or being hacked. To further reduce damage problems, we are now concentrating on finding a solution to the high ping problem.

Free Fire Ping Alto improvements, Free-Fire-Bomb-Squad- Mode Free Fire Ping Alto improvements
Image via Garena

Garena changed 2 common effects of high ping in this version. The first damage oversight, and one of the most frequent ones, is having your damage nullified even before the adversary deploys a gel wall. The development team made adjustments to the steps taken in order to get as near the control time as possible.

The other improvement is to eliminate the “teleportation” movement issue, which is sometimes misunderstood as a hack. High-ping players have a tendency to advance quickly, making it challenging to target.

Garena has improved their movements such that they are now more predictable and don’t seem to be teleported. We’ll be making further adjustments in the upcoming months to make high-ping motions feel smoother.

Garena will be releasing an internet-related upgrade in the upcoming months in an effort to further solve the high ping and latency problem.

Free Fire New character
Image via Garena

Free Fire has servers located all over the world and is available in many nations. We use the same server for numerous countries so that everyone may benefit from a quick matching time. This will better serve our people in less populous nations.

But this resulted in a high ping problem. With the Duo Network Connection, which, if enabled, determines which of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connections is best and switches to that network, Garena intends to address the issue. Additional long-term goals include increasing the number of servers and creating algorithms that quicken the game.

How much are you excited about the Ping Alto and other improvements in Free Fire OB38 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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