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Free Fire Partner Program: All you need to know

Earn perks and stream Free Fire with Garena's new Partner Program

Free Fire has a special role for YouTubers who make videos on behalf of them and run an active YouTube channel, mainly focusing on Free Fire content. Basically, it comes under their Partner Program which was started recently by Garena. The players under this partnership receive numerous perks and benefits from Garena. For example, in-game items are provided as a token of gratitude. So hold up fellow Youtubers, in this article, we will guide you on how to apply for the partner program in Free Fire.

Rules for entering the Free Fire Partner Program

Free Fire Partner program

For registering user should have 1Lakh subscriber or followers, and should be quite active in the community. User’s channel should have 80℅ of Free Fire content within 30 days of applying for partner program. There shouldn’t be any video or post which shows negativity towards the Free Fire community. After applying via form, a worker of Garena will contact with-in 2-3 days, namely GW-Ankita.

Various Streamer’s program in Garena

Casual streamer

In the casual streamer tier, users will only have to stream for 5-10 days a month and 2 hours per stream. The resulting streams will be paid by Garena and the user can earn 5-40 USD or 1000-8000 diamonds.  This is the initial stage for a streamer.

Part-time streamer

Free Fire Partner program

In the part-time streamer tier, users have to stream for 12-20 days a month and 3-4 hours per day of the stream should be done. In return, the user will get 150-350 dollars in rewards which can be used as a top-up for diamonds.

Pro streamer

Free Fire Partner program

In the Pro streamer tier user has to stream for 20 days a month and 4 hours per day exactly and in return will get paid 800-2000 USD which can be converted to diamond by top-up. Users have to gradually increase their followers from time to time to get paid higher. 

Perks and benefits by Garena

First of all, loyalty badges or verified badges are given in their IDs. In addition, in-game currency is given for their work and content, and last but not least, upcoming items are given for free for exclusive review. If the user gets the partner program, he/she will be sponsored by the game through notification. There are many other items which are given for free like exclusive clothes and etc. 

Which program is better?

Streamer program is better between streamer and partner program, because of high payment and V badge.  In my opinion for getting some shout out, Partner program is better but for organizing Price pool tournament with free entry, the streamer program is better. 

Are you excited after knowing about the Free Fire Partner Program? Let us know in the comments below.

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