FunPlus announces Halloween 2022 update across its portfolio of games

Players will receive new content and skins from limited time events!

A number of the games in the expanding portfolio of FunPlus have received updates inspired by Halloween 2022. FunPlus, one of the biggest independent mobile game publishers in the world, has announced that it will conduct various themed events for a limited period of time. The free-to-play versions of State of Survival, King of Avalon, Guns of Glory, and Call of Antia all offer players the ability to access unique Halloween-themed content in the form of skins, awards, and more.

FunPlus Halloween 2022 update

FunPlus brings Halloween-inspired updates in the following games:

1. State of Survival

In State of Survival, there is a themed event called “Frightful Halloween” where players can take part in various activities including “Trick or Treat”! In Haunted Halloween, players must identify which wicked ghost is hidden in the magic coffin after receiving a spooky knock at their settlements’ doors that they must have the guts to answer.

A celebration organized by Maddie and Frank of Lights and Colors, Gift Rush, which challenges players to search for gifts buried across the Settlement with their Jack-O-Lantern, and Airdrop Surprise, which brings a Halloween surprise from Max. The Frightful Halloween events provide players the opportunity to win HQ Skins, March Skins, Frames, Decorations, etc.

In Horizon Worlds*, a new Halloween VR experience created in collaboration with Meta where players can immerse themselves in the State of Survival universe, State of Survival has also launched a brand-new feature called Survival House. The environment alters, but the laws of survival do not.

2. King of Avalon

Until November 1, all knights are invited to participate in the most spooky celebration of the Kingdom via the following events:

  • Halloween Feast: players can collect materials and make different Halloween Masks for the Alliance Feast. The more Masks players make, the higher contribution points they will get as well as better rewards! Only available for Stronghold Lv. 16 players and above.
  • Azure Gallery: players can purchase Azure Essence to exchange decorations in the Gallery. These decorations include stronghold skins, march skins, lord portraits, and accolades with attributes. Only available for Stronghold Lv. 16 players and above.

3. Guns of Glory

Until October 26, Guns of Glory is also hosting Halloween events through these upcoming events:

Magic Party: players are invited to participate in this event in two stages: Quest Stage and Exchange Stage. Players can kill threats, rally red guard camps, and collect or gather resources in and outside the Estate during the Quest Stage for a chance to get Flying Brooms that can be exchanged for rewards at the Magic Broom Shop. Players can also participate in the Halloween Party event or purchase packs during the Quest Stage to earn Enchanted Pumpkins, which can be used for exchanging rewards at the Witch’s Collection.

Trick or Treat: players can earn Pumpkin Candies by participating in the Arcane Trickster Arrives event or purchasing packs during the event. Then players can use the Pumpkin Candies to increase their Event Points and Event Level to receive Stage Rewards. Towards the end of the event, leaderboard rewards based on the number of Event Points players have obtained will be sent to their in-game mail.

FunPlus Halloween 2022 Guns of Glory
Image via FunPlus

Magic Mix n’ March: the sorcerer Pumpkinhead has arrived with challenging trials and mysterious rewards! They can be obtained by playing a mini-board game to unlock event items based on the number of points players received through the different strategic moves made on the board. 

Arcane Trickster Arrives: The long-awaited Halloween is just around the corner, but the impatient Arcane Trickster has arrived early with a bunch of newly designed challenges, as well as awesome rewards. Three questlines will be unlocked daily and each one contains several sub-quests. Players can get them by completing various sub-quests in the first 7 days. For every sub-quest player completes, they will get one event point to unlock stage rewards.

4. Call of Antia

The spooky season also arrives in the land of Antia with a new time-limited event called Trick or Treat, the new Halloween-themed dice event where players will use their dice to decide Alia’s movement on a ludo map of 30 tiles where they collect many Halloween rewards. Each tile will trigger random events where lots of surprises await! Players will have access to a new log-in event to unlock more rewards until November 6 but also Halloween-themed castles in their kingdoms until November 10, 2022.

Are you excited about the FunPlus Halloween 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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