Gamers from Brazil prefer Competitive & Midcore Mobile Games

Players from Brazil prefer playing on their mobile phones compared to PC and Consoles

The Gaming Industry has boomed into a prosperous source of entertainment all thanks to 2020 that has got the results soaring up and above. The involvement in mobile games of users differs according to regions, and they are likely to follow the same trend for a long time. One of the biggest consumers of mobile games are Brazilians, and they are known for their love of playing games on their smartphones. In one such report by Newzoo, it is seen that gamers from Brazil prefer competitive and midcore mobile games on their devices. Let us in detail see what are the likingness of players to different genres.

Brazil Gamers love mobile games over other platforms

This isn’t something that we do not know about, as most of the consumers expect a cheaper alternative for entertainment. Another reason why mobile gaming is a growing market is that PC and Console Gaming requires investment, and in Brazil, the costs are very high in comparison with other regions. Therefore, most players in Brazil turn to mobile and also is an easier entry to get.

This also gives proof to the fact that in the last year alone, Brazil’s 81.2 million mobile gamers helped it generate estimated revenues of $1.6 billion, which is an amazing number. Also putting up a few more facts, 70% of the population in Brazil play mobile games, another huge number.

Brazil gamers prefer Competitive and Midcore Mobile Games

According to recent reports, Brazil gamers prefer playing Competitive and Midcore Mobile Games on their devices, which is also adds to the nature of competitiveness among the gamers in that area. While drawing comparisons to US gamers who love playing Puzzle and Arcade games, Brazilians love the competitiveness and thus invest time in playing games of Racing, and Action genres.

Brazil gamers prefer Competitive Midcore Mobile Games

In the above chart, we can see how Brazil gamers are having more involvement in certain genres of games over US gamers. The graph clearly shows Brazilians love Adventure and Racing games, which has a drastic difference in the audience concerning the United States. Even in categories like Shooter, Simulation, and Strategy, Brazil does take a larger share of the audience again. Brazil also is known for its huge Battle Royale craze, especially Free Fire.

Appealing Aspects

So a question should be asked on what appeals to the gamers of Brazil. In general, we all have our personal favorites, be it a Sci-Fi game, or a Lost in the Past setting type of game, also not to forget the competitive genre as well.

While this is taken note of, the report shows that Brazilians love games that involving gameplay, be it upgrading the characters of the game or trying out your own creative options. Hence, the market for such games in Brazil is very large and is open to a lot of improvements.

Let us know your thoughts on Brazil gamers who prefer Competitive and Midcore Mobile Games in the comments below!

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