Gamevil Com2uS announces 5 new mobile games

All expected to see releases next year

Gamevil recently has had its 3rd quarter earnings call and in it, they have released details on 5 new titles. Four of these titles are scheduled to release this year with one title being scheduled for 2022. All the games that have been announced are titles that are from Gamevil’s extensive catalog which was developed over the years with one brand new IP. Now, let us look at the five new games announced by Gamevil Com2uS.

New Games from Gamevil Com2uS

1. Project Cars: Go

Release Date: March 2021

First released in 2015, Project Cars developed by Slightly Mad Studious ltd had a chart-topping debut. It was followed by another very successful sequel in Project Cars 2. The combination of extremely authentic simulation Racing and the pure joy of arcade racing has brought great success to this franchise.

Project Cars GO has been in CBT for users before this announcement it completed tests in four countries and is currently implementing changes based on user feedback. One of the marquee features of the game is its “One Touch” mechanic, the Devs wanted to keep the controls simple enough for players who are commuting to be able to play comfortably with 1 hand. This is the first of the new games by Gamevil Com2uS.

2. Arcana Tactics 

Release date: February 2021

For fans who were patiently waiting since it’s release in South Korea last year, Arcana Tactics is finally announced to be released globally. When it was first released in Korea it managed to be ranked in the top 100 Google play games without much advertising from the developers. With fan feedback being so high in Korea, it’s safe to assume that players in the global market will have quite a similar likeness for the game. With Arcana Tactics launching next year the Devs have announced new features will be coming to spice up the game.

gamevil com2us new games

The Devs in Tikitaka Studio have announced that they are expanding the character layout from a 3×3 grid to a 4×4 one. This change alone may seem small, but once the multiple character passives and abilities start to mesh you can see exponentially more team compositions. The Devs feel that these changes along with the intuitive character synthesis system will be able to add more complexity to the game and serve to support the weak story which was pointed out to be a flaw.

3. The Walking Dead Project 

Release Date: Q3 2021

Walking Dead is a powerful RPG IP even 10 years after the original release of the television show. This new title ‘WD Project’ (Name WIP) is trying to breathe some life into the zombie-slaying formula with a “collectible RPG”. The developers of the game are FUNFLOW, who you may know from games such as “Heir of Light” and “Kritika: The White Knights”.

We are hopeful that this new change of art style and gameplay will create a really interesting new game for fans of The Walking Dead to enjoy.

4. Project C 

Release Date: Q2 2021

As said in the intro, Gamevil came with their own fresh IP in the form of  Project C (Name WIP), expected to release in the first half of 2021 the game is being made with a lot of knowledge Gamevil has gleaned from being an industry leader. The game is an IDLE RPG that takes heavily from Nordic imagery and they aim to revolutionize the IDLE RPG scene with their take on it. There isn’t much else known but the art is very striking, and the HD UI looks clean. I’m very interested in the news on this game.

5. World of Zenonia

Release Date: 2022

The first Zenonia released on May 24th, 2009, 11 years ago on the AppStore and it rose to be one of the most popular mobile RPGs with 5 other numbered sequels. After the release of Zenonia 5 in November 2012, we haven’t heard anything from Gamevil. That is until today after Gamevil and Com2us completed their consolidation back in 2018 we eagerly awaited Zenonia news. We weren’t disappointed today as the first signs of a new mobile MMO Zenonia game were announced

gamevil com2us new games

Judging from the screenshots supplied for the conference call, we see that Zenonia is straying from its original 2D chibi graphics and top-down camera angle for an action combat system paired with anime-Esque cell-shaded graphics. Unfortunately, as noted, this game won’t release until 2022, but we are definitely extremely excited for more news and maybe a possible Beta?

What are your thoughts on the new upcoming games by Gamevil Com2usLet us know in the comment section below!

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