GamingonPhone’s 3rd Anniversary: Going with the flow

up and up. is now 3 years old and what a journey it is so far. In August 2019 when I started it as a hobbyist site, I never thought it would turn up like this, but here we are with plenty of small achievements and memories! As we GamingonPhone’s 3rd Anniversary and step into the 4th year, I can certainly see what we need to do, and what we have to achieve.

If you have not read our previous anniversary blog posts, make sure to check them before you read this one.

A year for brainstorming and improvement

We have seen a lot of changes in the past year. Throughout the year we have tried to stabilize the team to bring out more productivity, on-time reporting, a faster publishing cycle, and whatnot! With the constant push, the number of daily articles has almost doubled this year but its still not quite what I am okay with. But yeah, for a small self-funded team working remotely, this is a tough challenge.

Talking about the website traffic, this year has turned out to be decent. We are almost nearing 3 million monthly page views with regular ups and downs. However, the most impactful part is the increase in tier 1 traffic. The percentage of traffic from the United States has gone 1.5x this year putting the country at the top of our audience base. Improvements have been made for the UK as well. The whole team has done an amazing job in this push and hopefully, the good work will continue.

Turning down the acquistion proposals were hard. But thats what makes us realize that we are on the right track and encourages to put in more efforts.

One thing that has not gone as per the expectation is our performance on YouTube. Somehow we are yet to turn GamingonPhone into a leading source on YouTube as we have done for the written content. Getting a good video editor is a big challenge these days.

On this business side, we are steadily increasing our revenue and at the same time, we are investing that into our team. We had received a few lucrative acquisition, and investment proposals this year but we rejected all of them to keep the team focused on our goal.

Plan for next year

Unlike previous years, I don’t have a lot to share on this occasion of GamingonPhone’s 3rd Anniversary. As usual, we’ll be focusing on content and keep up the improvement cycle from the lessons we have gathered in the past 3 years. However, as the editor-in-chief, I’ll be giving special attention to producing more editorials and opinion pieces, and creating exclusive content. These are really interesting to read, aren’t they?!

We also plan to push the number of daily articles even higher. But I understand this is a big challenge and definitely, we’ll be working together to reach there.

The major change that we plan to do is to hire a couple of full-timers for responsible, on-time reporting. There is a big challenge in managing a full freelance team and this needs to change if we want to keep up with our growth.

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Other than that, we will also explore the possibility of hardware coverage such as Gaming Controllers, Headphones, and other accessories that might be useful for a better mobile gaming experience.

Creating an inclusive family

Creating a friendly environment has always been a priority for the team members and this has been great so far. The level of bonding we share, the amount of interaction we have among our team members is no less than a virtual family. With years to come, we hope to maintain the same level of interaction, if not better. And along with that, we are definitely going to serve our readers with more quality content this coming year!

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