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Garena announced anti-hacking measures for Free Fire

Garena has announced a major update for Free Fire anti-hack improvements with operation cutcord. In an official notification, Garena Free Fire announced that they are banning thousands of accounts owned by cheaters every day. The accounts are being banned based on the report by the players in order to ensure fair gameplay. Over 7,00,000 accounts were banned as they were reported for cheating by the players. The final decision to ban the accounts was taken after due diligence. This was in line with Garena’s zero-tolerance policy towards cheating.

Why the operation ‘cutcord’ came into existence?

After the release of the new patch on April 8, the anti-hack detection system of Garena Free Fire sounded an alarm because of the exponential increase of hack users. The customer service data also showed a spike in cheater reports from the players. The anti-hack team of Garena started their investigation and the results were astonishing. Over 7,00,000 accounts in total had to be banned in order to ensure fair play and it was necessary. That was the time when Garena decided that there should be some changes in the game. And hence operation cutcord came into existence.

Garena tried to efficiently utilize the team to know new hacks and scripts. They included even those hacks which weren’t frequently seen or reported by the players. The team came to know about all the possible ways the cheaters used in the game. They went all-out against the cheaters and it resulted in banning a whopping 3.8 million accounts. These accounts used modified clients or third party programs.

Are all the cheaters eliminated?

Garena Free Fire announced that they have fixed some tech barriers in the game client. What they call a constantly registering new accounts and annoying normal players will be a thing of the past. Operation cutcord phase 1 has been successfully completed but they will come up with phase 2 in the near future. They have made some new technological advancements and they will ban another group of cheaters very soon.

Garena Free Fire will keep seeking out signs of new hack and they are also enhancing the Free Fire anti-hack system.

Are there any possible ways to recover the accounts?

Cheating and hacking are permanent ban offense as Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating. The accounts will NOT be unbanned under any circumstances if Garena bans it after getting firm evidence of cheating or hacking. However, you can check here if you are eligible to unban your account.

What are your views about the Free Fire anti-hack improvements made by Garena? Let us know in the comments below.

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