Gatherers is a vibrant 3rd person co-op shooter now available on Android globally

Fun monkey Ltd is out with their newest game, a fun-filled Co-op Shooter!

The exciting original action-packed world of Gatherers is now available on Android globally. An infestation of wicked conquering aliens, the Rot, has left the planet corrupted, tainting both organics and machines alike. With most of the civilization scattered by the wreck and ravage, a small group of skilled survivors has gathered together in an effort, to take back the world from these outlandish aliens.

Engage in a real-time cooperative multiplayer of Gatherers

Gatherers is a promising third-person game for Android with fun, vibrant colors, and good gameplay. Players will be sent out in a squad of three to fight against the Rot, in an epic showdown. The goal is to clear areas, clean corruption, and numerous missions to progress and defeat the aliens in time. 

Gatherers Android
Image via Fun Monkey Ltd

Survivors can make full use of the terrains and game items to successfully push the Rot away and clear the area. There are mechanisms like boosting and gliding, which make the gameplay even more fun. What’s interesting is that the Rot gets stronger with time and there are higher leveled challenges, making it so players have to adapt to the increasing difficulty, as the game progresses and beat the enemies without dying.

The game offers 3 survivor character classes to choose from

Players can choose between these characters:

  1. Brunel, the Engineer, and their Decoy ability. 
  2. Doss, the Combat Medic, and their Heal ability.
  3. Jolt, the Ravager, and their Impact ability.

There is not a lot on the character roster to pick from. Players get just 3 characters to choose from and play the game. Future updates should see some more characters who will join the fray. Gatherers is now available on Google Play globally, as a free-to-play game for Android users, and could be lined up for success.

Are you excited as Gatherers is now available for Android globally? Let us know in the comments below!

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