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Genshin Impact Developers shared behind the scene works

China-based developer miHoYo has released a new behind the scene video for Genshin Impact which showcases the artists working on the game’s original soundtrack.

Ever wondered how the music was actually created in a game?

Music is crucial for any game and even more for an anime-style open-world RPG game like Genshin Impact. The first impression of music should capture the feeling of the game world for any new player.

miHoYo released the musical documentary Genshin Impact on their official YouTube channel. In the video, we see HOYO-MiX staff musicians and the London Philharmonic Orchestra brainstorming and working on the music behind the scene that we will end up hearing in the final product in Genshin Impact.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action-RPG title, set in the fantasy continent of Teyvat. It offers a more traditional RPG experience, fit with all the leveling systems you would expect along with combo-heavy combat.

Genshin Impact
Closed Beta Preview

In the game take the role of a mysterious and enigmatic traveler, and set off to find your lost sibling. Unravel the mysteries all around the massive world across Teyvat. Its anime-style character designs and a larger focus on story also help to set it apart. Moreover, it’s hard not to be awestruck by its open-world environments, flashy effects, and the fact that this is all running on mobile devices.

Satiate the inner weeb inside you with this absolute treat of an Isekai game! Let us know in the comments down if you are excited about this anime-styled RPG game!

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