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Genshin Impact: Players might be able to gain back mistakenly converted Primogems

Players can now change wrongly converted fates to primogems by contacting the CS team.

Genshin Impact has two main currencies when it comes to wishing on the banners and these are Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates, where the former has a higher value than the latter one since they can be used to wish on the limited character and weapon banners. These fates have an equal cost of 160 primogems and can be converted prior to actually wishing on the banners, and many players have mistakenly converted their Primogems into Acquaint Fates due to all sorts of reasons in Genshin Impact.

Not only do they lose their chance to wish on the Limited Banners but the fact that only Acquaint Fates can be used on the Standard Banner where players can not even choose any specific characters or weapons and whenever they hit pity they can gain anything from the pool, hence primogems are never recommended to be spent on the standard banner.

It is widely known that already spent Primogems used for the conversion to Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates can not be reversed whatsoever, as it opens a whole venue of problems for the Customer Support. Moreover, it is tough to judge the exact situation on how the mistake happened, for that reason miHoYo’s CS team until now has not offered any help in situations like these, but a few days back a Genshin Impact player was able to get their primogems back, likely for the very first time.

Get mistakenly converted Primogems back in Genshin Impact

Recently a Reddit User Junichi shared this post where they were able to get mistakenly converted primogems back after contacting miHoYo’s Customer Support Team. At first, they were greeted with the normal automated response for some details but soon an actual member of the CS team contacted them to solve the issue.

In the following post, there are screenshots where a member of the CS team replies that there is Support for converting fates. Reddit User Junichi also mentions the most important things to keep in mind if you ever get yourself in a situation like this-

  • Contact the CS team by opening a ticket as soon as possible.
  • Give as many details as you can when the incident occurred, important things to give should be the exact amount of primogems used, the exact time or a frame of time when the conversion took place, the circumstances leading to the incident but unrelated details should not be mentioned.
  • Provide various screenshots that may help you in making the claim, like an image of the inventory page where the number of primogems and Mora is shown or a wish banner image for the same.
  • Do not spend the converted fates no matter what, since there is a feature for primogems conversion you will need those fates to get your primogems back. 
Genshin Impact CS team reply
Image via Reddit

Players are advised not to abuse this helpful system

It is not unrealistic to assume many players could even try to abuse this by claiming that their accounts were hacked and try to revert their primogems after losing a 50/50 or by just wishing on the wrong banner. Acts like these are quite common in games involving gacha or loot box mechanics, but thankfully game developers keep track of every minute detail as evident by the very detailed Teyvat Times posts, so it is not wise to even try to trick the CS team, as they might just get ignored the next time they really have an issue with the game. 

What are your thoughts about getting back mistakenly converted primogems in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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