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Genshin Impact version 1.5 patch update: Development Diary reveals upcoming features and QOL changes

Changes incoming in the land of Teyvat!

miHoYo is currently looking to make some adjustments for the Genshin Impact resin-cost for the weekly boss fight as per the reveal on their Chinese social media. Along with tightening the security measures, they are currently working to improve the game’s aiming on phone, which includes adjustments to aiming sensitivity, finger swipe acceleration for the camera turning speed, gyro sensitivity, and positions of UI icons on the game screen. This will help mobile players immensely. And all these features are expected to arrive with the Genshin Impact version 1.5 patch update.

QOL changes to make things easier

A very good QOL feature that will come with Genshin Impact version 1.5 patch update, is that players will be able to browse the number of items that will be used in cooking/crafting/forging. Along with this, players will be able to lock mails in the mailbox, especially those sent from in-game playable characters for their birthday, so players won’t destroy them by mistake.

There will be a new tab/window in the archive section, where players can listen to the voice lines of characters that they have, the character profile doesn’t have these voice lines. Voice lines like Ganyu’s -“Access Denied”, Keqing’s -“With sword comes shadow!”

miHoYo is taking steps to strengthen the security

In the Genshin Impact version 1.5 patch update development diary, there was no mention about 2FA (Two-factor authentication), 2FA has been requested by the player-base for months now, but they have said they are working on improving security measures, Whether it involves implementing 2FA or some other measure is unknown. They will implement the newer security measure on certain servers first to test them out, and then to all servers.

genshin impact 1.5 update

Notably, a week or two prior to this, there was a change in miHoYo’s Account Management window, which can be accessed from miHoYo official website by logging-in to your account, there was a new tab “Login Device” added to it.

For now, it is completely empty for most players, but it can be presumed that there will be records of Login Details like from which device the said account was accessed, device name/model, its IP address, access-time and location along with more features. All of these are speculation, but no matter what we have some sort of confirmation that security improvement is being actively worked upon.

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