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Ghost from Modern Warfare 2019 is coming in COD Mobile Season 2

We asked for it and we got it! Ghost has its unique voice now!

Simon Riley or as the players know him by the name Ghost is a character that featured in most of the titles of the COD franchise. In Call Of Duty Mobile, Ghost was first seen in the inaugural season of the game. He then appeared in the Season 12 and Season 13 battle pass. But there was something that was missing and the players wanted that feature to be added to the character for a long time. It was his voice that wasn’t there since the launch of the game. Any character in games like Call of Duty Mobile without a voice of its own doesn’t seem to be delivering a real-life experience. But Activision has finally listened to the players and the wishes have been fulfilled. Ghost from Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019), voiced by Jeff Leach, is coming in the COD Mobile Season 2 update!

About Simon “Ghost” Riley in Modern Warfare 2019

Born in Manchester, Simon Riley joined the Special Air Service and spent the majority of his career serving numerous short-term deployments and executing covert assignments in classified locations. He became an expert in clandestine tradecraft, focused on sabotage, ambushes, and infiltrations into denied areas and hazardous environments. Ghost concealed his identity under a hallmark skull figured mask to maintain anonymity in the field. At one point, Ghost worked in the same unit as Mace, who is also a character in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Ghost, COD Mobile Ghost voice
Ghost in Modern Warfare 2019 and the man behind his voice – Jeff Leach

In Modern Warfare, Ghost was released as a SAS operator of the Coalition as part of the Battle Pass with the launch of Season Two of content for Modern Warfare. Ghost was an expert in clandestine tradecraft, sabotage, and infiltration. He lived with a redacted past and an undercover present. Ghost had a concealed appearance to hide his identity and maintain anonymity in the field.

When will Ghost from Modern Warfare 2019 arrive in COD Mobile?

The Modern Warfare 2019 version of Ghost will arrive in the Season 2 of COD Mobile. However, there is no official release date available for the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2021 yet. There has been no news of such kind from Activision till now. However, keep checking back here for more information on the COD Mobile season 2 2021 release.

Are you excited about the fact that Ghost from Modern Warfare 2019 is coming to COD Mobile next season along with its unique voice? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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