Gigapocalypse is a retro-inspired side-scrolling city smasher now available on Android and iOS

Pixel art retro-tribute brings Kaiju chaos from console and PC to mobile!

The retro-inspired side-scrolling city-smashing action game Gigapocalypse is now available on mobile devices according to the announcement by Headup Games and Goody Gameworks. The new mobile version has gamepad compatibility, full touch controls that are optimized for smaller devices, and cloud saves.

Choose from a wide range of Gigas to destroy cities in Gigapocalypse

Gigapocalypse offers players a list of monsters, or “Gigas,” to choose from as they obliterate cities to the beat of thrashing heavy metal music. It was inspired by vintage arcade games like Rampage as well as Kaiju monster movies like Godzilla and King Kong. With customizable Kaijus, you can start your own monster apocalypse and decimate a variety of sites just waiting to be destroyed.

Your Giga will gain strength and gain mutation points with each run you make in an effort to reach the location’s monster. With the money you earn, you may give your Giga new mutations, talents, skins, and even up to five little minion pets that will go with you in your missions to destroy cities.

Players can start engaging in the fun of city smashing

In Tamagotchi-inspired minigames, take care of your Giga and furnish their home with fun things that will enhance their abilities and make them even more dangerous.

Nine creatures are available in Gigapocalypse, including three “Old Gods,” three dinosaur monsters, and three extraterrestrial horrors. These destructive animals can be brought into a variety of exciting metropolitan settings from many historical eras, from the Wild West to the present. Players can now download the game on Android and iOS.

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