Glow squids have finally made their way into Minecraft Bedrock

Introduced in the latest beta update for players in Bedrock edition!

Defeating the Iceologer and moobloom in the mob vote last year, Glow squids have been introduced in the latest beta version of Minecraft Bedrock. It is now available on various platforms (Consoles, Mobile devices, Windows 10). The Java version had the mob of Glow Squids from before. Looking shiny and beautiful, the interesting thing about the glow squids is the ink sacs it drops.

Glow Squids won the Mob Vote in Minecraft Bedrock!

The First beta version of Minecraft Bedrock had introduced dripstone blocks and sculk sensors in-game. Last October 2020 saw three mobs compete to be added to Minecraft, but glowing squids have won. The mob was originally a part of Minecraft Earth and according to Cory Scheviak, the Gameplay Developer on the Vanilla team, it’s the most well-lit water mob in the game and lives in dark and gloomy caves which they brighten up with their special ability. This seems to fit in with the water caves we got a look at in last year’s Minecon.

About the enchanting Glow Squid in Minecraft

Being shiny is not their only ability however and if you ever happen to be in a murderous rage and kill some of them, they’ll drop glow inc sacs much like their non-illuminated counterparts, the squid. Except Squids drop regular and dull ink sacs. With these new ink sacs, you can lighten up your signs and make them glow in the dark! You can also craft them into item frames which can make your items glow and easier to see in the dark. Interesting right? Read more about the Glow Squid here.

Glow Squids in Minecraft Bedrock
Glow Squids in Minecraft Bedrock!

A lot of players have already started experimenting with this new mob and are coming up with great designs and builds. What are you waiting for then? Get here and join the beta if you haven’t already!

How did you like the shiny glow squids being added to Minecraft Bedrock? Let us know in the comments below!

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