Hardhead Squad: MMO War to be shut down by Rovio

Rovio finally announced that the game has come to an end

Hardhead Squad: MMO War, a strategy game published by Rovio Entertainment, is going to be shut down soon. After one year of being in soft launch, the publisher company finally decided to discontinue the game. Hardhead Squad: MMO War has halted the in-app purchases from 12 August 2021. However, the game servers will remain active until 12 November 2021.

The reason behind Hardhead Squad: MMO War shut down

The game was soft-launched in June 2020 in some selected regions. Rovio found that the game failed to meet their expectations as they wanted. Based on fan feedback, Rovio introduced several updates to the game and added new content and more than a dozen of new heroes. But still, the game did not receive enough traction which pushed Rovio to take the hardest decision.

Hardhead Squad Rovio
Hardhead Squad by Rovio

Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand said that they had decided to cancel their strategy game Hardhead Squad which was in soft launch.

We did not see enough potential for a global release and we believe it is important to focus our resources where they can make the biggest impact. I want to thank our team for their hard work throughout the development of the project

Alex Pelletier-Normand,Rovio CEO

Hardhead Squad: MMO War received its final update on 10 August 2021. The game includes building bases and defending them from enemy invasion. By researching intricate technologies players can power up their troops. Everything players do in the game is for defending the final boss namely Dragonov. The battle for territory, forging new alliances, and collecting resources is the game’s primary objective to rise against Dragonov’s empire.

Learning from the experiences from Hardhead Squad: MMO War, the company is determined to provide more interesting strategy titles to their fans and community.

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