Honkai Impact 3rd v4.7 Update: New Playable Character, Open World Map and more

Get ready for a Cyberpunk experience!

Global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHoYo has come up with a new Open World Map for their action title Honkai Impact 3rd, which will come with the V4.7 Update. Not only this, the game will make way for a new playable character which will also be accessible once the v4.7 Update is live. As of now, the Honkai Impact 3rd team has dropped the trailer of the upcoming update which is titled Hacked. In this article, we will look into detail on the upcoming update.

Honkai Impact 3rd v4.7 Update overview

New Open World Map: Arc City

Honkai Impact 3rd V4.7 Update

A new Open World Map, which is named Arc City, will be available in story mode or exploration mode. It is designed to give you a cyberpunk experience. In exploration mode, players can accept Investigation Tasks to increase Map Access Level to unlock Exploration Skills including anti-gravity jump and environmental destruction. These skills will allow players to bypass complex terrains to explore this grand cyberpunk map freely.

New Playable Character: Bronie

World’s Best Hacker Bronie debuts as New SP Valkyrie, who is introduced to the game as the Haxxor Bunny. She will be introduced as a PSY-type battlesuit that can summon drones and cast QTE (quick time events) on standby to support teammates. She can also cast Ultimate on standby, which deals high Ice DMG and greatly enhances the team. She is obtainable through the Haxxor Bunny Supply.


Along with the update comes the Time-limited main event: Arc: Light Bound and players will also get Story Chapter XXIII, which will be playable after the update. Complete certain missions, challenges, and other activities in the game to earn Haxxor Bunny Fragments, Stigma, Limited outfits, and Crystals.

About Honkai Impact 3rd

The game features include stunning cel-shaded graphics, immersive storylines, deep customization, infinite combo action and silky smooth controls. Since its launch on mobile devices, Honkai Impact 3rd has achieved over 200 million downloads and frequently topping Apple Store and Google Play’s bestselling charts worldwide. Since late 2019, Honkai Impact 3rd has been made playable on PC. With cross-platform play support, Honkai Impact 3rd has been able to draw more players to the acclaimed experience of the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by mysterious energy known as Honkai. Lead a fledgling resistance of Valkyries, brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genome, against the spreading Honkai disaster to protect all that is beautiful! Control up to three Valkyries in battle and switch between them freely to overcome any situation, as well as customize their stats and skills with an expansive selection of equipment.

Wjhat are your thoughts on the Honkai Impact 3rd V4.7 Update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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