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Honkai: Star Rail leaks new Echo of War weekly boss ‘Lord Ravager Phantylia’

New Echo of War challenge!

As the newly-released HoYoverse game progresses to its future versions, Honkai Star Rail leaks have featured the new Weekly Boss challenge under the Echo of War that also resets every week. A reliable leaker, HSR_Stuff, shared details about a new boss enemy that players will encounter. Additionally, the rumored character, Lord Ravager Phantylia, is said to drop special materials that can be used to enhance the traces of players’ characters as per the Honkai Star rail leaks.

This information regarding the in-game resources and Echo of War mode in Honkai Star Rail has generated excitement among players, who are eagerly looking forward to experiencing the new content and challenge for the upcoming Weekly Boss.

Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu
Image via HoYoverse

Lorg Ravager Phantylia is to be added to Honkai Star Rail Echo of War challenge

The leaked boss is expected to be added to the Echo of War challenge along with the current weekly bosses in the game. A detailed Boss guide for Cocolia and Doomsday Beast can also be found in our articles.

The two boss features unique types of challenge and attack types that also have different phases that varies and changes until the final phase. Lord Ravager Phantylia is expected to also have different phases that will be challenging for players and should take note of when fighting the upcoming boss.

Lord Ravager Phantylia: Scalegorge Waterscape

The fight against Lord Ravager Phantylia is also expected to drop special items for Traces upgrade for several characters. These items are expected to be farmed and limited to be challenged up to 3 times weekly alongside the other 2 bosses in the current version.

There are rumors that the upcoming Echo of War mission in Honkai Star Rail, featuring the encounter with Phantylia, might be called “Scalegorge Waterscape.” The specific release date and in-game difficulty of this mission are still unknown.

How to Unlock Echo of War challenge

It’s important to note that the Echo of War game mode is accessible only after reaching a certain stage, meaning that new players in Honkai Star Rail need to progress through the main campaign first. Additionally, it has been suggested that several of these missions may require characters to be at least Trailblaze level 40 or higher.

Additionally, the location is expected to be at the third area of the game named the Xianzhou Luofu as it’s the only area with no Echo of War challenge at the moment. The expected release date for the weekly boss is still not confirmed but is speculated to release in version 1.2 alongside the New Xianzhou Luofu Map. However, it is important to keep in mind that HoYoverse, the game’s developer, has not officially confirmed this information, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Trace level-up material from the Echo of War challenge

In Honkai Star Rail, traces are used to enhance a character’s abilities through upgrades that require specific resources. Reaching a higher level of Trace upgrade will require a special item that can only be obtained from the Echo of War challenge, these items vary from what item a specific character needs from the available Echo of War challenge.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia second phase, Honkai Star Rail Cocolia boss
Image via HoYoverse

Certain items needed for upgrades can also be earned by completing missions. These traces can be obtained in various ways, such as by completing Crimson Calyx or purchasing them directly from the in-game shop. It’s important to mention that trace upgrades are tied directly to a character’s ascension level, emphasizing the need to level them up before focusing on these enhancements.

Final Thoughts

Having an additional Echo of War challenge, which is also known as the weekly boss challenge is a great addition to the game. As new characters are released, this can lessen the lack of resources needed and the redundancy of materials for upgrading certain trace levels for specific characters. Obtaining these special items from different sources is also a good way to lessen the congestion and increase the availability of these special items which are only obtainable weekly. Players are also looking forward to a challenging battle against the new upcoming boss for the future version.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai Star Rail leaks about the new Echo of War weekly boss Lord Ravager Phantylia? Let us know in the comments below!

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