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Honkai Star Rail May 2023 Developer Radio reveals Quality of Life changes for Version 1.1

Quality of life changes for the coming versions!

Since the successful release of Hoyoverse’s Honkai: Star Rail, Version 1.0 is almost coming to an end. Players have sent several feedback about their impressions of the game as well as the changes they want or features to be added. The Honkai: Star Rail crew has been open to suggestions and has revealed some of the most common requests that players have asked. In this article, players will know the Honkai Star Rail May 2023 Developer Radio about the Quality of Life changes for Version 1.1.

Chat system to be Implemented in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1

The majority of the community has been surprised that the chat feature was not added prior to its release. A huge amount of feedback has been sent to the Honkai Star Rail crew and they have officially announced that they will be adding this feature for the next version. According to Developer Radio, The Chat System will be implemented in Version 1.1. By then, everyone will get to chat with their friends in-game!

Seele’s Ultimate Graphic changes

After receiving feedback from the majority of players about the excessive flashy effects from Seele’s Ultimate, The Honkai Star Rail crew has announced that they are trying their best to find a solution to optimize this. They are planning to add changes in the game Settings to add relevant options and personalize these parameters.

Honkai Star Rail Phone
Image via HoYoverse

The Developer Radio said that this feature requires extra testing and further development. For this reason, the feature will not be added for Version 1.1. They will try their best to implement this feature very soon and are advising players to stay tuned for further announcements.

Character Ascension Materials for World Map Tracking

Feedback has also been received by the Honkai Star Rail Crew about the difficulty to find Monsters that drop Character Ascension Materials. The crew announced that they will be adding a feature where players can click on “sources” to see the location of the specific monsters needed to be shown on the map.

Xianzhou Storyline: “Sanctus Medicus” changes

Negative feedback has been received by the Honkai Star Rail crew about the Xianzhou Storyline: “Sanctus Medicus” being forced and abrupt. After assessment of the story content, the crew has decided to adjust the quest structure and alter all the quests and missions related to “Sanctus Medicus” for the coming versions. It has been advised that players should stay tuned for a more detailed patch and update announcements.

Character Camera Mode: Facial Expression changes

Honkai Star Rail Camera
Image via HoYoverse

The Developer Radio announced that each character should have unique facial expressions that fit the character’s personality. In Version 1.1, different Facial Expressions for each character will be added when players use the Camera Mode. It has been announced that they will continue to optimize these changes and graphical adjustments for future versions.

Final Thoughts

Players are glad to hear this news about the feedback that they wanted and the quality of life changes for the new game. There are also some notable suggestions from the comment section of the post that was not indicated in the official post. Additionally, players have been discussing a lot of great features that should be added to the game in the future. Players are happy to hear that the Honkai Star Rail Crew are open to suggestions and is listening to their community.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai Star Rail May 2023 Developer Radio revealing Quality of Life changes for Version 1.1? Let us know in the comments below!

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