Devil May Cry Mobile beta is now available: Here’s how to play

The Devil May Cry franchise has been one of the most defining video game series for the 3D hack-and-slash genre. For decades, it has entertained PC and console gamers with its memorable story and exciting gameplay. A few months ago, Yun Chang Games revealed some really good news for fans of the series. They revealed that they have been working on a Devil May Cry title for mobile. They said that they had plans to release the game in 2020 itself, even though no specific date was mentioned. It seems like the actual release date might be close as Yun Chang Games has released a beta version of Devil May Cry mobile.

About Devil May Cry mobile: Pinnacle of Combat

Yun Chang Games have confirmed to have been working on Devil May Cry mobile for the past several months. Preliminary elements like character models, game levels, and a few other basic features were added before the end of 2019. As of March 2020, they were yet to add new content such as additional levels, characters, weapons, etc. And now, they finally have a playable beta version of Devil May Cry mobile.

devil may cry mobile beta fight scene
Fight sequence from the game

The size of the game is quite big, compared to most mobile titles. The game will take about 7GB of your phone storage. The beta for Devil May Cry mobile is only officially available for the Chinese audience at this moment. However, you can still work around your way to get access to the beta.

How to download play the Devil May Cry mobile beta

Follow these steps to download and play the Devil May Cry mobile beta version:

  • Download the APK file for the game from here. Or, you can also get it from Yun Chang Games’ official website for Devil May Cry mobile.

For Chinese users

  1. Enter your mobile number to register for the game.
  2. Wait for the code to be sent to your number. Enter the code and start playing the game.

For Non-Chinese users

  1. In case you do not have a Chinese mobile number, here’s how you can get the game. Visit this website.
  2. Choose any number you want and open its page. This is the page where any SMS sent to that number will appear.
  3. Follow the usual registration process in the step above using this number and you’re good to go.

Now that you know how to get the beta version for Devil May Cry mobile, all you need to do is go through with the registration process mentioned above. The game is also available for pre-registration on Android & iOS in the Chinese game sharing community app TapTap. The Devil May Cry series has always held a special place in the hearts of gamers around the world. It’s time to see whether it’s mobile version will live up to our expectations!

Are you excited to test out the Devil May Cry mobile version? Let us know in the comment section below!

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It says 服务器暂未开放,请耐心 , aka the server is not open yet please be patient, why ?


Probably the beta has ended for now. Wait for the future updates on the same.


So the game didn’t really released yet?
If it will be released what it should be online or offline?


No, it is not yet released. However, the recent announcement is made which states that the game will arrive in China in June. Read this to know complete info on this.

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