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How to register for the Free Fire Battle Arena (FFBA) 2020?

Free Fire Battle Arena (FFBA), a first of its kind, is inviting players that play in the Indian Server to battle it out with others to grab the grand prize consisting of 100,00 diamonds. The registrations have begun from the 21st of May and will continue till the 23rd of May. The tournament’s open qualifiers will commence from the 24th of May. Players contemplating participating in this tournament shall have to register first, in order to be considered eligible for the open qualifiers. In this article, we’ll help players figure out how to register for Free Fire Battle Arena (FFBA) 2020 and what to know of beforehand while registering

1. Team Customisation

  • Squad Name
  • Contact Information
  • Region
  • Team Avatar
  • Team Banner

Fill these details very carefully because you won’t be able to change them later on, possibly. Pay special attention while filling your team name. Next comes Contact Information which offers a drop down list that contains Discord, Facebook, WhatsApp among other social medias. You can select anyone of these from the list to fill your contact details and proceed further with the registration.

Team Banner and Avatar can’t be uploaded manually and have to be chosen from the ones that Free Fire offers you in-game.

2. A ‘Five Men’ Squad is required

Once you’re done with creating the team, your work isn’t finished yet. To be considered eligible for participation:

You’ll have to gather four more players beside you to form a squad. You can either apply to other squads or invite your friends over to yours. Once others have applied to join your squad you can check their applications in the ‘info’ tab and decide whether to accept or reject their advances. Out of the five members, four will be in the playing squad line-up while one remains available as a substitute.

3. Other important info that you should be aware of

Free Fire Battle Arena is more like a revamped version of its annual tournament that it holds every year, attracting more than a million gamers each year to try their skills out against others. Though, it’ll be the irst time that Free Fire will allow not just Indian players but everyone who plays in the Indian Server to participate in this tournament.

free fire battle arena

Also, there’s some FF Battle Arena tickets icon that can be found at the bottom right hand side of the FF Battle Arena Main Screen. These tickets can be used to join the partnership tournament. One ticket per entry.

Season 1 of Battle Arena will commence on 24/05/2020. The timings for the same are 16:00 to 21:00. Players interested will have to play their qualifiers within this time period. The open qualifiers will last for two days i.e. 24/05/20202 to 25/05/2020. Top 24 teams post the open qualifiers will proceed to the league stage of the tournament.

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