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IGG’s monster-hunting RPG Yeager to run a new round of beta testing in December

The game is a combo of Avatar and Monster Hunters!

Yeager, a 3D action RPG monster-hunting game, set in an alien world, announced a new round of beta tests that are going to be out from this December 2021. Presented by IGG, the game has lucrative features and stunning graphics to offer for its players. Besides, the game presents next-gen cinematics powered by physically-based rendering and motion capture technology, taking the game to the next level. From a glimpse of the gameplay of this RPG, it looks like a lot similar to a blend of Avatar and Monster Hunters. However, the official release date is yet to be declared.

Yeager: Overview

Players will take the role of Yeager, who is an elite Vyderan hunter tasked to locate and retrieve a stolen Vyderan artifact. The mission will be to go to the mysterious Planet Ekors, where the deadliest creatures and darkest secrets dwell. Players will hunt ferocious beasts and make acquaintance with alien races as they make their way towards the sealed secrets of the Vyderan clan and the lost Empire.

RPG Yeager beta December
Yeager: Gameplay

Furthermore, players will navigate their way through vast forests and winding canyons, while uncovering the many secrets hidden on Ekors. But, one has to be beware of the monsters snapping at their heels.

Yeager has many exciting features to offer

This monster hunting game is packed with exciting features. Its intuitive, action-oriented combat system allows players to choose from five powerful weapon classes namely the Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, or Eidolon Spear. The last one can be used for engaging fearsome creatures up close, weakening them by breaking body parts with flashy combos and signature moves from the weapon class and moving in for the decisive kill.

The weapon upgrade system includes collecting beast parts to craft and strengthen the equipment. For example, the Kallar Ambers and Art Cores are a great way to upgrade a player’s hunting efficiency. Pairing these parts will unlock unique effects for each weapon class.

Therefore, all these features, stunning graphics, and exciting gameplay have hyped the RPG lovers already. A little more patience from the players can result in the release of another successful title.

Are you excited now about the fact that Yeager, a new RPG from IGG is set to enter into a new round of beta testing from this December? Let us know in the comments below.

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