Krafton announced a new game based on the Korean web novel, The Bird that Drinks Tears

A brand new game coming from Krafton!

Today, Krafton, Inc. has announced that it has started working on an unnamed video game project based on the well-known Korean fantasy book The Bird that Drinks Tears. The official website for the game was just established by Krafton as it intensifies its search for top international talent to support its audacious goal. To further highlight the project’s overall visual identity and tone, fresh game concept work and mythology information were also presented.

Yeong-do Lee, widely regarded as the father of the Korean fantasy genre, is the author of the novel series The Bird That Drinks Tears. Mr. Lee is a very innovative writer who creates complex worlds and rich characters. He is one of the best-selling fantasy authors in Korea with millions of copies sold.

Krafton is actively seeking out the world’s best developers to assist in the development

Iain McCaig, a concept artist, was enlisted by Krafton as initially announced in 2021 to assist in bringing the book to life. Mr. McCaig is a well-known concept artist who has contributed to early Star Wars character visuals in addition to his work on numerous other successful movie franchises, including The Avengers, Harry Potter, and Terminator.

Krafton The Bird That Drinks Tears announced
The Bird That Drinks Tears (Image via Krafton)

His artistic output will serve as the project’s visual style. The official website for the game has just gone live, and with it comes new concept art highlighting significant literary characters and settings. Fans of The Bird That Drinks Tears will recognize the novel’s four distinct character races, including Human, Rekkon, Tokebi, and Nhaga, in these original renderings. To deliver the best experience possible, KRAFTON is aggressively recruiting the world’s top development talent to help create the game.

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