Legends of Runeterra: All new cards from Monuments of Power released

Monuments of Power is here!

Riot Games just revealed the new expansion for Legends of Runeterra, named Monuments of Power. The expansion comes out on October 14th with a host of new things in it, including a new keyword, new event, and modes. The reveal season for the next expansion has officially begun! We will be posting and updating this article with the newest Legends of Runeterra (LoR) cards every day as they are revealed in Monuments of Power.

New cards from the Monuments of Power

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards

Crusty Codger

Bilgewater is getting another 1 mana 2/2 it seems. On its own, it’s not a bad card by any means as it can be potentially healed back to its 2/4 stat line. It can also be randomly summoned from summoning effects like Petty Officer.

You will soon notice that most of these cards are self-damage cards, so maybe they can help Vladimir see the play and potentially make Swain even stronger.

Fortune Croaker

It’s a Fantastic card even without proper synergy. Its effect is instant so you’re opponent can’t interact with it. Some might say this is basically a 2 mana 2/2 that draws you a card, but it’s more like a 2 mana 2/1 that draws you a card as it requires dealing 1 to another ally.


Bilgewater mostly leaned on the Vulnerable mechanic, but now they’re getting a challenger unit, and not a bad one either. 2 mana 3/1 with Challenger isn’t bad. Not particularly great either. This one will need a proper deck to work well as it’ll be tough for it to compete with the likes of Hired Gun.

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards

The Slaughter Docks

The Bilgewater Landmark. Interesting that they would give Deep support. This card is very promising. It’s a constant toss effect that replaces itself when you reach Deep. And at worst the replacement will be a 7/7.

Lounging Lizard

Will see play in any Elusive deck. The stats are incredible for an Elusive unit and the downside can be built around.

Sunk Cost

A strange powerful removal card. Though its 8 mana cost and slow speed make the card near unplayable. If it were at least fast speed it’d be different, but this card doesn’t look very competitively viable.


A risky card to use. You will need to build a deck around this card to utilize it effectively as the opponent can interact with it easily. However, this card looks great in an Undying deck.

Tahm Kench

They have unbenched the Kench! This will be the Bilgewater champion and he brings along a mechanic we don’t see in many cards – Capture. Tahm Kench revolves around this mechanic, making him one of the most unique cards in the game. His stats are 2/6 which is good because when he uses An Acquired Taste (a card he generates each Round Start) he gets struck by the enemy unit. It’s very likely he will be good in combination with healing cards and self-damage cards.

Bayou Brunch

A support card for Tahm Kench and probably a must-have, as it not only helps level him up but also buffs his stats making him harder to remove.

Wise Fry

It’s almost like a reprint of Scarmother Vrynna. It shares the same stats and has Overwhelm. However, Wise Fry’s attack will be raised as soon as it spawns and it doesn’t have the ability to keep raising it as Scarmother Vrynna does. Wise Fry also has Vulnerable, which greatly weakens the card. There’s a good chance it will be run in Vladimir decks since it damages all other allies upon being played. But would Vladimir decks want to replace Freljord for Bilgewater? We’ll have to see.


It is an Insane card! The ability to grant Vulnerable to two enemies at burst speed for 1 mana is incredible. It’s probably best in an Undying Bilgewater deck, which we have seen in the past.

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards

Crystal Ibex

One of the Great cards to be released in the Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power set A 4/4 for 4 mana isn’t bad and granting an ally Overwhelm is no laughing matter. Will definitely find a deck to call home.

Sneaky Zeebles

Strange but interesting card. Elusive units have traditionally leaned towards aggression, yet this one is more defensive than anything. Perhaps this could be what Yasuo Targon needs to shine. However, it depends on if we get more Stun support.

Voices of the Old Ones

A potentially very powerful ramp effect. In theory, you could get this off by turn 4. You would need to bank spell mana and then play Wyrding Stones on turn 3. There’s definitely something good here, especially with Trundle’s archetype which loves 8+ cost cards.

The Howling Abyss

Many are worried about this card as it represents annoying randomness to the game. But this card will most likely struggle. It’s a very slow card. You have to pay 7 mana for it, then it doesn’t even summon the champion, just adds it to your hand. Not to mention there’s a lot of bad champions you could pull from this like Teemo. This will most likely be a fun meme card. If it turns out to be good, we would say it’d be a tech card in control mirrors to outvalue the opponent.

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards

Star Spring

A card that creates a new win condition for the game. Alternate win conditions are good for a card game, especially when you have to work for it like with Star Spring. Star Spring needs to see you healing allies, meaning it has to be on the board throughout the 22+ healing. Furthermore, the healing presumably only counts with units, and not nexus.

Divergent Paths

A worrisome card. This looks like it’ll keep strategies down and oppress Landmark based decks. Imagine spending 5 mana on Vaults of Helia only to have it be destroyed for 3 spell mana… We’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps Divergent Paths isn’t as oppressive as it appears.

Spring Guardian

A 3 mana 3/3 that gives you a card. Pretty good. This could even see play outside of healing based decks. Spring Gifts would be a niche, kind of bad card on its own, but it comes with a 3/3 body which goes a long way.


Soraka has been revealed and she is the first champion to have an effect linked to healing. Due to benefiting from healing, as well as requiring it to level up, Soraka looks good in combination with Tahm Kench and Bilgewater, or the self damage archetypes of both Freljord and Noxus.

Her leveled up form is also quite powerful as it provides potential card draw each round. Guiding Touch will often draw you two cards while an allied level 2 Soraka is on the board. Soraka seems really good for the game as not only can it create new archetypes, but it can also strengthen pre-existing ones like the aforementioned self-damage archetypes of Freljord and Noxus, which haven’t been very viable in the past.


Not bad if used in a board filled with damaged high-health units. But 3 mana and slow do hurt the card. It can be used as a way to close the game with Star Spring or to level up Soraka.

Astral Protection

It’s a strange alternate version of Fury of the North. However, Astral Protection can only really be used defensively. Not bad, especially in a healing-based deck.


Elusives and healing don’t sound like they’d mix together but here’s Stargazer making it happen. It’s unlikely this card will see play in a Star Spring deck. It could see play in a deck that’s focused around healing but doesn’t have healing as its win condition.


Ionia is getting more spell disruption. Unlike Deny this spell has limitations as it can only stop fast or slow spells that cost 3 or less. It can’t deal at all with skills. That being said, it looks like a good Deny alternative. It’s unlikely that you’d want to run both Nopeify! and Deny as full sets in the same deck.

Trevor Snoozebottom

Looks bad at first sight. 3 mana 0/3 that needs a well statted unit to attack with. But in combination with a powerful Elusive unit, like say Greenglade Duo, this card could be used to create another Elusive unit with very high power. And with Hush almost certainly getting a nerf, we might see a rise in Elusive decks.

Patched Porobot

The 2-drop Poro card we’ve been waiting for. Despite getting tons of support, Poro decks have always been niche and considered memes. This card might make a serious Poro deck finally happen.

The University of Piltover

One of the meme cards in the Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power set that probably won’t even see anyone playing. One might think Jinx would go well with this card, but Jinx is an aggro card, and aggro decks don’t want to waste 5 mana on three random cards.

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards

Noxkraya Arena

It’s kind of like casting Single Combat at the end of every round in Legends of Runeterra. Maybe it could work with Frostbite for easy trades.

Scorched Earth

Similarly to Divergent Paths it is a 3 mana spell that removes a Landmark but also has other uses. Almost certainly will see play if Landmark decks become prevalent.

Egghead Researcher

One of the nice anti-aggro Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards for Dragon decks. 1/3 in stats is great for blocking a lot of aggressive cards. However, it competes with Herald of Dragons which can help you get your Dragons out sooner. Also its anti-aggro capabilities are very limited as it can’t stop the likes of Precious Pet or Elusive units.

Dragonguard Lieutenant

You would only ever run this in a Dragon deck, and if you do it’ll probably always be a 2 mana 3/2 with Challenger. Is that good? Yeah, it’s decent. There’s a few cards you can use it to trade into for free like Eye of the Dragon. You could also use it on champions like Ashe, Miss Fortune, and Nocturne. It can block fearsome units too. This card is mostly dependent on the meta.

Stony Suppressor

An interesting addition to the game. It leans towards being a tech card. If the meta is mostly aggressive with few spells, this card won’t be used. But if there’s a lot of control running around, you could swap this in.


2 mana for +2/+2 is no laughing matter. Demacia isn’t one to have many stat-based combat tricks, but this one stands out as being particularly good. The +2/+2 is already good enough but it also let’s you block Elusive units.

Stalking Broodmother

We’ve already gotten so many Dragons in the game that it’s hard to say if this one will get a spot in the deck. It’s strong but slightly overpriced for 7 mana. It’ll all come down to which Dragons you would rather run as most of them are pretty good.

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power cards


The final champion for the Monuments of Power expansion. Shyvana, along with the other Demacia cards, were the final pieces left to go full dragon. Shyvana’s level up requirement isn’t that hard to achieve, though it does need her to be on the board.


Simple spell that grants Challenger to a unit. Not bad but it’s definitely deck dependent and not a card you would run everywhere. Shyvana would benefit from this, especially in her level 2 form.

Strafing Strike

It’s basically Single Combat but for one more mana and with Dragon synergy. You’d rather run Single Combat over this, even in Dragon decks. One more mana is a little much and Shyvana generates this card each time she attacks when she’s leveled up.

Kadregrin the Infernal

Perhaps you could run this as a single copy, maybe two in a Dragon deck. It’s not very good. Stats are underwhelming, Fury doesn’t do much on it, and its buff is granted to other Dragon allies, so it doesn’t buff itself. Again, it might see play as a single copy.

Eclipse Dragon

Could be used to play Aurelion Sol earlier, or to generate cards in the later stages of the game. It can be viable as both effects are good and give it versatility. Funnily, if you have Rahvun on the board, you could get both the Daybreak and the Nightfall activated.

Dragonguard Lookout

It’s uncertain whether you’d run this or Relentless Pursuit. Honestly, there’s a good chance you’d rather go with Dragonguard Lookout, as it can’t be denied and your opponent can’t use the new Nopeify! either. This card could definitely see play if Deny and Nopeify! are present in the meta.

Vaults of Helia

This card was talked about in our previous article. It’s been added here to complete the collection. It’s one of the Landmarks with the most potential to create its own deck. But there’s two very good Landmark removal cards that might make this card unviable – Divergent Paths and Scorched Earth. We’ll have to see if it can still be used even with these two cards being present in the meta.

What are your thoughts about the cards for Monuments of Power expansion in Legends of Runeterra? Let us know in the comment section below!

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