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LifeAfter introduces its latest chapter titled Sea of Zombie with new content and rewards

An innovative Doomsday Survival Experience Beyond Imagination: Zombie x Sea!

NetEase Games’ popular Open World Doomsday Survival Game LifeAfter will receive its annual expansion update Sea of Zombie on August 12. The expansion would be an innovative combination of zombie and sea, as well as a significant leap forward in the imagination for doomsday survival.

The infection of the doomsday world is spreading. Survivors set sail to explore the five mysterious mutated seas with distinct features, and soak in the unique marine wonders of the doomsday world, in search of a new way out.

The ultrarealistic water surface effects are rendered by a fully updated physics engine. The warm-up events, both inside and outside the game, are now underway. Pre-register for the new version, join forces with friends to explore the doomsday sea, and win big!

Explore and Survive the five seas of Doomsday World

LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie combines zombie and sea, two staple elements of survival games, in an innovative way, and challenges players’ perceptions of the doomsday survival genre. The boundaries of the doomsday world will expand once more in the upcoming version. To find a new way out, survivors take to the sea in search of Scientia’s alleged Pureland, ushering in a new era of sea survival.

However, the doomsday seas are dangerous due to the infection. The five distinct seas are unfolding in front of Survivors:

  1. Crystalthorn Sea: Infected crystals cover the Crystalthorn Sea. The icy blue crystals are as beautiful as gems, but they are fraught with danger.
  2. Labyrinth Sea: The Labyrinth Sea is shrouded in fog all year. Compasses are useless here. Those who enter without proper preparation are doomed to perish.
  3. Rainbow Sea: Rainbow Sea is covered in fluorescent seaweed, which has a curative effect on crystal infection, attracting a large number of Infected.
  4. Eroded Reef Sea: The Eroded Reef Sea is a region with mature crystals that explode and flames all over it. An extended stay takes a heavy toll on the human body and causes hallucinations.
  5. Whirlpool Sea: Whirlpool Whirlpools are forming in the sea. If you get caught in them, what awaits you inside could be death or an unknown encounter.

LifeAfter introduces an updated physics engine with ultra-realistic water effects

The development team has upgraded the engine to bring the best graphics and ultrarealistic water surface effects without further burdening the player device to present the best visual effects and provide a quality exploration experience to players.

Thunderstorms, the Northern Lights, rainbows, tornadoes, whales, shoals, and underwater relics… Unpredictable marine weather and a mysterious and beautiful underwater world await Survivors to log in and experience.

Pre-register now for Warm-up events to win bonus rewards

Warm-up events are beginning both inside and outside the game as a prelude to the new version’s release on August 12. Rare in-game materials, a limited title, and an iPad mini. The LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie version is now available for pre-registration!

As the pre-registrations number grows, it will unlock Server-wide rewards. In addition to in-game items such as Formula Shards and Skill Points, when pre-registration reaches 150,000, three randomly selected lucky Survivors who have successfully registered will receive an iPad mini (256G) x1 and a RedMagic 6s Pro x2. Come now and pre-register!

Explore Myth of the Mermaid in the new LifeAfter quest

On August 6, new quests will be activated, inviting Survivors to investigate the rumored Myth of the Mermaid. Completing the quests in any four days between August 6 and August 11 will earn you a special pointer, which will bring you extra rewards on August 12. LifeAfter: Sea of Zombie will release on August 12. The doomsday sea adventure is about to begin, and Survivors will be able to participate in it online. Survive together in the mutated seas of zombies!

Are you excited for the new chapter of LifeAfter, Sea of Zombie? Let us know in the comments below!

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