Lost Light Easter 2023 update brings Easter- exclusive map, exciting rewards and more

Easter Eggs await players!

Lost Light is a free-to-play survival shooter game developed by NetEase Games that tests players’ abilities to endure in Operations and participate in Shelter construction. Fireflies are welcome to the Lost Light Easter Party update from April 7 to April 19, 2023.

Players can log in consistently to receive a free Easter Exclusive Avatar, Avatar Frame, and other rewards. The upcoming Season will also see the release of a brand-new Map and intriguing updates like a fresh weather system and cooperative puzzles.

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The Easter Party for Fireflies has started, and there are Easter Eggs hidden all over the Map. Fireflies must join the celebration and experience Lost Light’s Easter-Exclusive Map. The unique sound effects heard during Operations may be an Easter Egg clue. To receive Easter Coins and redeem them for Easter goodies, find and collect Easter Eggs. Don’t pass up this exciting journey involving eggs. Players can visit the Exclusion Zone and enjoy the beautiful spring atmosphere.

Lost Light has prepared a basket full of delights for players for the Easter Party. Players can obtain Easter Coins during the event not only by gathering Easter Eggs in Operations but also by regularly checking in, and finishing daily missions, and other activities. Five days of continuous logging in by Fireflies entitles them to a free Easter-exclusive avatar and avatar frame.

Additionally, a FREE Targeted Serum will be offered, which is a necessary item to prevent Data Wipe after the Season concludes. To keep making headway, one needs three targeted serums.

The upcoming season to feature new weather system, co-op puzzles and more

Lost Light Easter update 2023
Image via NetEase

The upcoming Season will see Fireflies exploring this futuristic city sleeping beneath the Pheromone Tower, complete with deserted neighborhoods and abandoned towers. A brand-new weather system, cooperative puzzles, air ducts connecting the street blocks, and enigmatic legacies are just a few of the exciting new features that the new season offers.

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