eFootball PES 2020: Marco Reus removed from PES in Datapack 8.0

Konami released their latest Datapack 8.0 in eFootball PES 2020 on 25th June, just 3 weeks after the addition of Datapack 7.0. While there were some regular face updates, and the recent Iconic Moments players skills issue was solved, the most surprising event in this datapack was that Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus was removed from PES.

Why was Reus removed from PES?

While Konami didn’t include anything about removal of players in their latest patch notes, chances are high that there was a licensing issue between the player and Konami.

Konami has no official license of the Bundesliga, but they have the rights of 3 German clubs, title sponsor Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04. They don’t have the official license of Borussia Dortmund and most Dortmund players are included in the game currently as Free Agents. Previously, we saw the likes of Mats Hummels (another Dortmund player) being removed from PES, and this time we see the same thing happening with Marco Reus himself.

Can you still have Reus in your team?

While Reus was removed from the game, that doesn’t mean you can’t have him in your squad. If you previously had the Marco Reus card before today, you will still have him in your squad.

Marco Reus removed from PES
Marco Reus’ card in PES 2020

Marco Reus removed from PES means that he’ll no longer be included in any packs or Box Draws. So players who didn’t have Reus previously will miss out on having him in their team. So, if you are a Reus fan, and still don’t have him in your team, that’s bad news for you.

Other updates and additions in Datapack 8.0

There have been other regular updates and fixes in this Datapack. Here are the latest patch notes included in this update:

Latest Patch Notes released by Konami

Final thoughts

The removal of Marco Reus even opens up about speculations for both FIFA and PES fans. Does this indicate anything about Reus re-appearing for the FIFA cover? The Dortmund captain was previously cover star for FIFA 17.

However, we hope that Reus comes back in the game next season, as he is a fantastic player, and Dortmund now have a great squad as well. Dortmund is one of the top names on the wishlist of PES fans who want Konami to acquire the rights of BVB next season. With that hope, we look forward to PES 21.

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